Professor says he has never had an intro-level sudent answer every question correctly for an entire semester.

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Gearing up to start an exercise program — especially for those over 40 — can be filled with pitfalls. Experts at UAB say start slow and low.

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Bradley Yoder, Ph.D., was among the authors of the article in Nature Medicine.

Undergraduate researcher given top honors from College of Arts and Sciences.

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Research suggests that a class of drugs for rheumatoid arthritis seeking approval this year could be effective against other autoimmune diseases.

Two UAB departments unite to become integrated research team.
Quirky evolution yields clues to a fatal condition.
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Kathleen Berecek, Ph.D., has been named professor emerita of physiology and biophysics in the UAB School of Medicine and School of Dentistry.
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New research from UAB shows definitive link between a protein and cell activation; shutting both down could be a target of new treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Tigatuzumab, developed at UAB with Daiichi-Sankyo, targets aggressive, hard-to-treat tumors that make up 25 percent of all breast cancers

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