The UAB Undiagnosed Diseases Program, designed to help find answers for rare medical conditions, now has a clinic in Children’s of Alabama.
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UAB’s Undiagnosed Diseases Program is the court of last resort for those with baffling diseases that have never been diagnosed.
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Haydeh Payami, Ph.D., a leading geneticist recruited to the UAB-Hudson Alpha Center for Genomic Medicine and UAB Personalized Medicine Institute, is exploring the protective power of coffee and nicotine — and the mysteries of the microbiome — in Parkinson’s disease.
Hundreds of students will present academic pursuits in cutting-edge research topics.
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UAB’s Korf recognized for contributions in the field of genetics with election to fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

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“Twitch,” a film about a young woman’s journey as she is tested for Huntington’s disease, will be previewed on campus.

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Research in personalized medicine, health informatics and genomic medicine spans disciplines and will impact the treatment of many diseases.
The partnership combines genomics expertise with leadership in research and clinical medicine to speed efforts to deliver personalized therapies and cures.
UAB will host a scientific and community symposium in honor of World Rare Disease Day
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Newfound details of rare disease may advance understanding of brain tumors.

Studies in recent years had suggested that cilia regulate vital processes including growth, appetite, mood, healing and vision.

The UAB Genetic Counseling Graduate Program is a collaborative program to provide educational and clinical training in genetic counseling.

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Pioneering UAB physician Sara Finley, M.D., passes away at age 82.

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Awards were given in four key areas — clinical care, medical education, laboratory research and patient-oriented research projects.

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John Hartman works with the Nutrition Obesity Research Center and the Department of Medicine.

Patients with neurofibromatosis, schwannomatosis, which are related genetic conditions, gain access to more clinical trials.

The University of Alabama Health Services Foundation General Endowment Fund awarded grants to aid research across UAB.

Bruce Korf named president of national genetics foundation.

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Quirky evolution yields clues to a fatal condition.
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UAB patient Parker Crawford and his family want to raise awareness of craniofacial disorders.

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