“Eating Alabama,” a documentary movie about eating locally, will be screened on March 20.
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UAB Schools of Medicine and Health Professions collaborate to form new, all-inclusive medical center to fight obesity
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A UAB study will pair master gardeners with breast cancer survivors in an effort to promote a healthy diet and physical exercise.
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Santa just happens to have a lot of risk factors for diabetes, and UAB has some suggestions to keep him coming to town for a long time.
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The UAB Diabetes Research Center is part of nationwide study on benefits and risks of four widely used diabetes drugs in combination with metformin.

Prince earned his doctorate at UAB.

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The 16-week program consists of bike riding and treadmill walking, as well as four overnight stays.

A UAB medical student’s summer project turns into published research that may change how some diabetic patients are managed.

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The ASPO is a multi-disciplinary society committed to serving as an advocate for cancer and control research.

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There are endless opportunities to spend a small fortune on a box of pills promising to ease hunger and help lose weight – but they may not be safe, so try natural techniques.
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High fat/low fat? High carb/low carb? A UAB debate looks at overall health and cancer prevention.

Research seeks to find answers to help breast cancer survivors select exercise programs that best enhance quality of life.

A new UAB study examines the role of starch as a means to control risk of diabetes.

Consequences of believing in obesity myths: poor policy, misguided public health advice and wasted health-care dollars.
Make 2013 memorable by following these UAB doctor-recommended lifestyle changes.
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Is a pleasantly plump Santa Claus a bad role model in a nation dealing with out-of-control obesity rates? UAB’s Beth Kitchin says: not so much.

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Smith's research in calorie restriction and glucose regulation will be supported.

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What you have for breakfast might help, or hurt, your body’s efforts to burn fat later in the day, say UAB researchers hoping to learn more.

Competition to develop community-based health programs culminates Thursday with celebration event.

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Diet, exercise and technology are key to wellness in 2012.
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