Combined measurements of brain anatomy, connectivity and neurochemistry distinguish autism spectrum disorder subjects from controls.
Brian Nykanen is a Cadet in the Army ROTC and honors student.
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Public lecture by MIT monk and philosopher will probe issues of personal and social transformation.
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Best of 2014 2
Injured military personnel to benefit from unique set of therapies offered at UAB.
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Looking forward to a promising 2015, UAB News revisits some top stories of 2014.
Best of 2014 2Women have no effect on mice, but men cause a stress level comparable to a three-minute swim. Results indicate that researchers should account for these variables.
Jarred Younger’s lab seeks to develop the state’s first research and treatment center for neuroinflammatory disorders.
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Haley Johnson singled out for youth injury research award.
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A 1993 UAB scientific paper describing CI Therapy has been named the most cited article in major rehabilitation journals over the past 30 years.
A UAB scientist participated in a panel with other brain plasticity experts and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
UAB Youth Safety Lab offers tips for safe holiday fun.
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A UAB scientist will participate in a panel alongside other brain plasticity experts and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
Study explores patterns such as top 5 most common sports and recreation injuries.
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Professor David Schwebel, Ph.D., developed a new virtual-reality system to help reduce pedestrian injuries and deaths among children.
Brain scans dispel assumptions about Internet safety, as well as show that critical-thinking skills and impulsivity are at work as users identify spam and phishing sites.
UAB offers activities in support of National Eating Disorders Week.
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Neuroscience Café serves healthy portions of fascinating topics in the field of neuroscience at 6:30 p.m. on the third Monday of every month.
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Seniors who undergo cognitive training show increased and sustained capabilities for reasoning and speed of processing.
The UAB SPIES Lab research on two facets of user-centered Internet security will be presented at the Network and Distributed Systems Security Symposium.
The NCHC is the professional association of undergraduate honors programs and colleges, honors directors, and deans, as well as faculty, staff and students.
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