A common combination screen proved no more effective than non-screening, but scientists are finding new ways to prevent and treat the disease.

Published in Focus on Patient Care

Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are more likely than whites to spend their life savings to extend life; preferences could inform cancer care.

Published in Focus on Patient Care
April 15, 2011

Lewis, Cora

Professor of preventive medicine, internist and epidemiologist

Areas of expertise: Preventive medicine, effects of diet and lifestyle on health, population studies

Published in Experts
May 15, 2014

Kertesz, Stefan

Associate professor in the Division of Preventive Medicine

Areas of expertise: Access to quality addiction and medical care for underserved populations

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Adding cystatin C to a diagnostic panel revealed one person in six who had chronic kidney disease that was undetected using the conventional test.

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Storefront location will offer free health evaluations and disease prevention programs in downtown Birmingham

Published in Focus on Patient Care
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