Shirey, who will be inducted in September, is nationally recognized for her innovative integration of teaching and learning strategies.
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The Quad Rider makes it easy to shift gears and brake, enabling people with poor grip-control to safely cycle.
New drugs to slow or even prevent Parkinson’s could be in human studies as early as 2015.
UAB School of Nursing's federally funded study shows both the patient and caregiver benefit from early palliative care.
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Researchers identify the strategy that highly aggressive brain tumor cells use to fuel their relentless expansion and reveal a fresh target for cancer therapy.
UAB Nathan E. Miles Chair of Ophthalmology has been named chair-elect of the Ethics and Regulations in Human Research Committee of the Association for Research in Vision Science and Ophthalmology.
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Top university administrators say patents and commercialization of projects should factor into faculty promotions and tenure.
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The Journal of Biological Chemistry recognizes UAB scientists’ paper on exosomes, particles that change the behavior of cells, while the research team examines shutting down tumor growth.
The UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center has been selected as a  lead academic site and received a prestigious NCI grant that will open up clinical trials across a nationwide network and expand treatment options for patients.
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Prestigious awards program honors junior faculty who excel in research and education.
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Additional resources benefiting Birmingham will help address critical issues and become more livable for all.
Students from a variety of academic disciplines will present at this year's UAB undergraduate research expo.
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UAB and Stanford are the first U.S. universities chosen for Facebook-sponsored contest in which computer-security enthusiasts attack and defend from peers online.
UAB health disparities symposium examines integrating social and biological factors.
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Two student R&D projects at UAB attract international attention.
The University of Alabama System Board of Trustees recently appointed Murat M. Tanik, Ph.D., to the Wallace R. Bunn Chair of Telecommunications in the UAB School of Engineering.
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Information and Organization recently published a research paper on innovation in firm-sponsored OSS communities from UAB Assistant Professor Paul Di Gangi, Ph.D.
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A research paper on detecting human mood using sensors in mobile devices from postdoctoral fellow Munirul Haque, Ph.D., was selected as best paper at a recent international conference
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American Accounting Association ranks programs, individuals based on their accounting education research production through six years.
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Researchers at UAB show that high-intensity strength training improves mobility, mood and overall quality of life for Parkinson’s patients.
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