Distractions from technology have a detrimental effect on children’s crash risk as pedestrians and drivers.
A new mobile virtual reality system helps children learn to cross streets safely.
UAB Youth Safety Lab offers tips for safe holiday fun.
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Professor David Schwebel, Ph.D., developed a new virtual-reality system to help reduce pedestrian injuries and deaths among children.
Drowning is the leading cause of injury, death in young children; a UAB expert shared simple steps to prevent accidents.
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The manual provides practical information on how to plan, implement and evaluate a pedestrian safety program.

UAB research reveals sleep-deprived adolescents experience more hits and near misses while crossing the street in virtual lab.

One of three people listening to music were hit by a car in a simulated test of street-crossing distractions.

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College students recognize that driving while using mobile apps is unsafe, yet a new survey shows nearly 4 in 10 still surf the Web behind the wheel.

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