UAB research shows that brain-training exercises can improve processing speed and the ability to perform everyday activities
UAB experts say women experience stress differently from men. That can take a physical toll, but simple changes will help.
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Worried about memory loss? A UAB neurologist provides warning signs and prevention strategies

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Exercise may help stave off treatment-related fatigue in cancer patients, study shows.

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Facing an injury or other health challenge does not have to sideline your future; UAB experts say the way you handle it can teach you a valuable life skill.

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Stopping exercise leads to significant reductions in strength after just a few weeks, according to a new report from UAB researchers.

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April 18, 2014

Rimmer, James

Director of the Lakeshore Foundation/UAB Research Collaborative and the Lakeshore Foundation, endowed chair in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation Sciences

Areas of expertise: physical activity and health promotion programs for people with disabilities

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