UAB's center is one of 17 funded by NIOSH to train safety and health practitioners.

UAB study finds majority of older adults rate themselves as excellent drivers though one in four had a wreck in previous five years.

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UAB online program graduates inaugural class, including Nigerian student who traveled to walk at graduation

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UAB research reveals sleep-deprived adolescents experience more hits and near misses while crossing the street in virtual lab.

UAB student engineering group will receive its charter March 30.

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The recent record number of tornado-related fatalities underscores the need for safety plans.
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UAB scientists say helmets could greatly reduce the number of head traumas, or even death, in a tornado; Noah Stewart wore one when a tornado took him airborne.

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UAB injury researchers recommend the use of helmets to reduce the number of deaths and injuries due to head/neck trauma during a tornado.

Cancer therapy puts patients at even greater risk of damage from the sun and heat.

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Parents of children with ADHD may want to delay time when kids can cross by themselves, say UAB researchers.

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May 09, 2014

McCormick, Lisa

Associate Professor of Health Care Policy

Areas of expertise: public health preparedness and response

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