Traci Bratton

Traci Bratton

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Department of Biology

Areas of expertise: Aquatic and Marine Science, Aquaculture, Medical Application of Aquatic Animal Models, Aquatic Nutrition Science

Department of Biology

Areas of expertise: The Biology of Aging, Evolution, Ecology of Infectious Diseases, Scientific Communication, Longevity of Life

Department of Psychology

Areas of expertise: Transportation Safety, Cognitive Development and Injury Prevention, Virtual Reality and Simulation Safety Training, Texting & Driving, Distracted Driving Intervention & Prevention, Technology & Driving

Despina Stavrinos, Ph.D.
A new study suggests complex solutions to gun-related deaths and goals to decrease rates based on the type of death.
A new public health course explores issues that affect population health across the Deep South.

Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics and Palliative Care

Division of Infectious Diseases

Department of Pediatrics

Among Dye's areas of expertise:

Water safety and children • Traveling with children • Infant safe sleep

Department of Nephrology

Areas of expertise: Telehealth, Nephrology, Remote Peritoneal Dialysis, Rural Health, Diabetes, Fabry Disease, Racial Disparities to Home Dialysis Care

Department of Nephrology

Areas of expertise: Incompatible Kidney Transplant, Diabetic Nephropathy, Infusion Therapy, Living Donor Kidney Transplantation, Renal Transplant, Paired Donation Programs

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