Kitchin, Beth

beth_kitchinBeth Kitchin, M.S., R.D., Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences

• Developed and manages Tone Your Bones osteoporosis program
• Manages UAB EatRight Information Hotline and Tone Your Bones Hotline
• Appears weekly on local TV on health, wellness and nutrition issues

Video interview:

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  • Alexandrov, Andrei

    Professor of neurology, director of the Comprehensive Stroke Research Center and the Division of Cerebrovascular Disease

    Areas of expertise: Stroke, TIA, vascular neurology

  • Allison, David

    Professor in the UAB School of Public Health

    Associate Dean for Science, professor and biostatistician in the UAB School of Public Health

  • Allman, Richard

    Professor, director of the Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics and Palliative Care

    Areas of expertise: Aging, palliative care, immobility

  • Alvarez, Ronald

    Professor and director, UAB Division of Gynecological Oncology

    Areas of expertise: gynecological cancers, cancer prevention

  • Arnett, Donna

    Professor and chair of Department of Epidemiology

    Areas of expertise: Cardiovascular genetic epidemiology, pharmacogenetics

  • Baskin, Monica

    Associate professor of medicine and expert on minority health and health disparities in the Division of Preventive Medicine

    Area of expertise: Minority health

  • Bates, G. Wright

    Associate professor and director, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology

    Areas of expertise: Infertility, assisted reproductive technologies, fertility preservation

  • Biggio, Joseph

    Associate professor, chairman of the Division of Maternal and Fetal Medicine

    Areas of expertise: Women's health, gynecology, high-risk pregnancy

  • Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy

    Professor and chair of Nutrition Sciences in the UAB School of Health Professions, associate director for Cancer Prevention and Control at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Areas of expertise: Cancer prevention, nutrition and cancer

  • Duxbury, Andrew

    Associate professor of medicine, UAB Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics and Palliative Care

    Areas of expertise: aging, senior wellness, medical response to aging population

  • Forero, Andres

    Professor of hematology/oncology and senior scientist in the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Areas of expertise: breast cancer, triple-negative breast cancer

  • Green, LaTamia

    Assistant professor of psychiatry

    Areas of expertise: autism, developmental disorders, child psychiatry

  • Huh, Warner

    Associate professor of gynecologic oncology and associate scientist in the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Areas of expertise: Gynecologic oncology, cancer vaccine, robotic surgery for gyn/onc

  • Johnston, Allen

    Associate professor, UAB Collat School of Business

    Areas of expertise: Forensic accounting, information privacy and security

  • Kirklin, James

    Professor of medicine and director, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

    Areas of expertise: Cardiothoracic surgery, heart-lung transplantation, mechanical heart support

  • Kitchin, Beth

    Assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences

    Areas of expertise: Nutrition, obesity, weight loss, osteoporosis

  • Klapow, Josh

    Associate professor of public health, clinical psychologist

    Areas of expertise: Mental health, health psychology, disaster mental health, crisis response

  • Lewis, Cora

    Professor of preventive medicine, internist and epidemiologist

    Areas of expertise: Preventive medicine, effects of diet and lifestyle on health, population studies

  • Marson, Dan

    Professor of neurology

    Areas of expertise: Alzheimer’s disease, dementias

  • McClintock, James

    Endowed Professor of UAB Polar or Marine Biology

    Areas of expertise: Marine science, global warming, climate change, Southeastern U.S. marine life

  • Parcak, Sarah

    Assistant professor of anthropology, epidemiology and environmental health

    Areas of expertise: Global health, Egyptology

  • Partridge, Edward

    Director of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Areas of expertise: Racial disparities, cervical cancer, cancer issues in general

  • Powell, Larry

    Professor of communication studies and expert on political communications, political ads and polling.

    Areas of expertise: Politics, political campaigns, political communications, polling

  • Rauterkus, Andreas

    Assistant professor of finance

    Areas of expertise: Global finance, European Union, other banking systems

  • Saag, Michael

    Professor of medicine and the Jim Straley Chair in AIDS Research

    Areas of expertise: Infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS

  • Schwebel, David

    Professor of psychology

    Areas of expertise: Child safety, general pediatrics, child psychiatry, injury prevention, adolescents

  • Sloan, John

    Associate professor and chair of the Department of Justice Sciences

    Areas of expertise: Criminal justice policy, crime and security issues on university and college campuses, specialized police agencies

  • Standaert, David

    Professor and interim chair of Neurology

    Areas of expertise: Neurology, Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders, neurodegeneration

  • Stewart, Chere'

    Assistant professor of women’s reproductive health

    Areas of expertise: Women’s reproductive health, general obstetrics and gynecology

  • Voltz, Deborah

    Dean, UAB School of Education

    Areas of expertise: Education, urban education

  • Warner, Gary

    Nationally renowned cybersleuth and UAB director of research in computer forensics

    Areas of expertise: Cybercrime, cybersleuthing, cyber security

  • Whitley, Richard

    Professor of pediatric infectious diseases

    Areas of expertise: Influenza, vaccines

  • Whitt, Lauren

    UAB Wellness Coordinator and adjunct professor in the Department of Human Studies

    Areas of expertise: Nutrition, exercise, tobacco-cessation, stress management, challenges of managing chronic conditions

  • Yates, Stephanie

    Assistant professor of finance

    Areas of expertise: Finance, housing market, mortgage foreclosures, affordable housing

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