Barrett, Doug

art doug barrettDoug Barrett, MFA, assistant professor of graphic design


  • Directs UAB's Bloom Studio, an invitation-only, independent study class where design students gain real-world experience working directly with clients on Design for Good projects. Past projects have included Bibb County tourism and a website for the Friends of the Cahaba organization
  • In 2013 received a $47,000 Sappi - Ideas That Matter grant — one of only 13 awarded to designers nationwide to help them create and implement print projects for charitable causes
  • 2012 Alabama State Arts Fellowship in design
  • Research interests in mapping the visual culture of commuting and the public space
  • More than 20 years of professional graphic design experience, working for agencies and as a principal in his own design firm, Rodon & Barrett, Inc. His list of international clients includes Mars, Inc., VISA International and Banco Popular




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  • Alli, Oluseun

    Assistant professor and director of the Structural Heart Program

    Areas of expertise: Coronary artery disease, angina, aortic stenosis, transcatheter aortic valve replacement

  • Allison, David

    Associate Dean for Science, professor and biostatistician in the UAB School of Public Health

    Areas of expertise: obesity, quantitative genetics, clinical trials, statistical and research methodology

  • Alvarez, Ronald

    Professor and director, UAB Division of Gynecological Oncology

    Areas of expertise: gynecological cancers, cancer prevention

  • Arnett, Donna

    Professor and chair of Department of Epidemiology

    Areas of expertise: Cardiovascular genetic epidemiology, pharmacogenetics

  • Barrett, Doug

    Assistant professor of graphic design

    Areas of expertise: graphic design, design research, design and branding for nonprofits, typography, silkscreen printing

  • Baskin, Monica

    Associate professor of medicine and expert on minority health and health disparities in the Division of Preventive Medicine

    Area of expertise: Minority health

  • Bates, G. Wright

    Associate professor and director, Division of Reproductive Endocrinology

    Areas of expertise: Infertility, assisted reproductive technologies, fertility preservation

  • Becker, David

    Associate professor of Health Care Organization and Policy 

    Areas of expertise: health, labor and regulatory economics; health care policy

  • Biggio, Joseph

    Associate professor, chairman of the Division of Maternal and Fetal Medicine

    Areas of expertise: Women's health, gynecology, high-risk pregnancy

  • Davis, Colin

    Distinguished professor and chair of the Department of History

    Areas of expertise: labor history and public history

  • DeLucas, Lawrence

    Professor of Optometry

    Areas of expertise: membrane protein structure-function relationships

  • Demark-Wahnefried, Wendy

    Professor and chair of Nutrition Sciences in the UAB School of Health Professions, associate director for Cancer Prevention and Control at the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Areas of expertise: Cancer prevention, nutrition and cancer

  • Duxbury, Andrew

    Associate professor of medicine, UAB Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics and Palliative Care

    Areas of expertise: aging, senior wellness, medical response to aging population

  • Eleazer, Paul

    Professor of dentistry

    Areas of expertise: endodontics, cracked or injured teeth, root canals

  • Forero, Andres

    Professor of hematology/oncology and senior scientist in the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Areas of expertise: breast cancer, triple-negative breast cancer

  • Fouad, Mona

    Director of the UAB Minority Health & Health Disparities Research Center

    Areas of expertise: Improving health and preventing disease in minorities

  • Garvey, Timothy

    Professor and chair of Nutrition Sciences

    Areas of expertise: obesity, diabetes

  • Geldmacher, David

    Professor of Neurology, Director of the Division of Memory Disorders

    Areas of expertise: Alzheimer's disease, dementia and visual processing

  • Girkin, Christopher

    Professor and chair of Ophthalmology

    Areas of expertise: glaucoma, optic nerve imaging

  • Hoesley, Craig

    Associate professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases

    Areas of expertise: microbicide development, HIV prevention

  • Howard, George

    Professor of Biostatistics

    Areas of expertise: cardiovascular and cerebrovascular epidemiology, clinical trials methodology

  • Howard, Virginia

    Professor of Epidemiology

    Areas of expertise: stroke symptoms and associated risk factors, life-course exposure to the stroke belt geographic region, and risk factors for outcomes following carotid endarterectomy and carotid stenting

  • Huh, Warner

    Professor and Director of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology,
    Margaret Cameron Spain Endowed Chair in Obstetrics/Gynecology,
    Scientist in the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Areas of expertise: Gynecologic oncology, cancer vaccine, robotic surgery for gyn/onc, ovarian cancer, endometrial cancer

  • Johnston, Allen

    Associate professor, UAB Collat School of Business

    Areas of expertise: Forensic accounting, information privacy and security

  • Judd, Suzanne

    Professor of Biostatistics

    Areas of expertise: Vitamin D, calcium, blood pressure, dietary assessment

  • Kertesz, Stefan

    Associate professor in the Division of Preventive Medicine

    Areas of expertise: Access to quality addiction and medical care for underserved populations

  • Kimberlin, David

    Professor of Pediatrics

    Areas of expertise: antiviral therapies of pediatric diseases

  • King, Pamela Sterne

    Assistant professor of history

    Areas of expertise: civil rights, Jim Crow segregation and desegregation, history of Birmingham and Alabama, historic preservation, oral history

  • Kirklin, James

    Professor of medicine and director, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

    Areas of expertise: Cardiothoracic surgery, heart-lung transplantation, mechanical heart support

  • Kitchin, Beth

    Assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences

    Areas of expertise: Nutrition, obesity, weight loss, osteoporosis

  • Klapow, Josh

    Associate professor of public health, clinical psychologist

    Areas of expertise: Mental health, health psychology, disaster mental health, crisis response

  • Korf, Bruce

    Professor and chair of Genetics

    Areas of expertise: neurofibromatosis, neurogenetics, molecular diagnosis

  • Leesar, Massoud

    Co-director of the UAB Heart & Vascular Center and professor of interventional cardiology

    Areas of expertise: Interventional cardiology

  • Lewis, Angela

    Associate professor of government

    Areas of expertise: American politics, political affiliations, black conservatism

  • Lewis, Cora

    Professor of preventive medicine, internist and epidemiologist

    Areas of expertise: Preventive medicine, effects of diet and lifestyle on health, population studies

  • Liber, George

    Professor of history

    Areas of expertise: Soviet, post-Soviet and Eastern European social history; center-periphery relations with the Soviet Union; nationalism and national identity

  • Marson, Dan

    Professor of neurology

    Areas of expertise: Alzheimer’s disease, dementias

  • McClintock, James

    Endowed Professor of UAB Polar or Marine Biology

    Areas of expertise: Marine science, global warming, climate change, Southeastern U.S. marine life

  • McCormick, Lisa

    Professor of Health Care Policy

    Areas of expertise: public health preparedness and response

  • McElderry, Tom

    Associate professor of medicine and section chief of electrophysiology

    Areas of expertise: Electrophysiology, cardiac therapies

  • McLernon, Dennis

    Associate professor of theatre, head of performance

    Areas of expertise: acting, directing

  • Meador-Woodruff, James

    Professor and chair of Psychiatry

    Areas of expertise: schizophrenia, cellular and subcellular alterations of neural circuitry

  • Meneses, Karen

    Associate dean for research and professor in the School of Nursing

    Areas of expertise: Psychoeducational support intervention for rural breast cancer survivors, cancer-related fatigue, lymphedema and pain

  • Millard, Andre

    Professor of history

    Areas of expertise: Popular culture, film and music, World War II

  • Mitchell, Stephen

    Pediatric dentist, director of the UAB Pediatric Dentistry at Cahaba Valley

    Areas of expertise: Children's dental care, preventive dental care

  • Morrisey, Michael

    Professor of Health Care Policy

    Areas of expertise: health economics, health insurance, health policy

  • Northington, Marian

    Professor of Dermatology

    Areas of expertise: General dermatology, cosmetic skin procedures

  • Oparil, Suzanne

    Professor of medicine and physiology & biophysics, director of Vascular Biology and Hypertension Program

    Areas of expertise: Hypertension, preventive cardiology, hyperaldosteroneism, lipid management

  • Ovalle, Fernando

    Associate professor of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, director of the Comprehensive Diabetes Clinic

    Areas of expertise: Diabetes in clinical and research arenas

  • Panion, Henry

    University Professor of Music

    Areas of expertise: music technology, music production, orchestral arrangement, music education

  • Parcak, Sarah

    Associate professor of anthropology

    Areas of expertise: Satellite imagery, Egyptology

  • Partridge, Edward

    Director of the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

    Areas of expertise: Racial disparities, cervical cancer, cancer issues in general

  • Pence, Gregory

    Professor and chairman of the Department of Philosophy

    Area of expertise: biomedical ethics

  • Pollio, David

    Distinguished professor and chairman of the Department of Social Work

    Areas of expertise: Mental health, addiction services, homelessness, runaway and street youth, evidence-based practices, group interventions

  • Powell, Larry

    Professor of communication studies

    Areas of expertise: Politics, political campaigns, political communications, polling

  • Rauterkus, Andreas

    Assistant professor of finance

    Areas of expertise: Global finance, European Union, other banking systems

  • Richter, Holly

    Professor of obstetrics and gynecology, director of the Division of Women's Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

    Areas of expertise: Urogynecology, women's pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery

  • Rimmer, James

    Director of the Lakeshore Foundation/UAB Research Collaborative and the Lakeshore Foundation, endowed chair in Health Promotion and Rehabilitation Sciences

    Areas of expertise: physical activity and health promotion programs for people with disabilities

  • Russell, Stephen

    Assistant professor of medicine and lead physician of the UAB Moody Health Clinic

    Areas of expertise: Internal medicine for adults, children and adolescents, primary care, urgent care

  • Ryan, Cynthia

    Associate professor of English

    Areas of expertise: medical discourse, rhetoric and composition, outreach to homeless cancer patients

  • Saag, Michael

    Professor of medicine and the Jim Straley Chair in AIDS Research

    Areas of expertise: Infectious diseases, HIV/AIDS

  • Schwebel, David

    Professor of psychology

    Areas of expertise: Child safety, general pediatrics, child psychiatry, injury prevention, adolescents

  • Sloan, John

    Associate professor and chair of the Department of Justice Sciences

    Areas of expertise: Criminal justice policy, crime and security issues on university and college campuses, specialized police agencies

  • Standaert, David

    Professor and chair of Neurology

    Areas of expertise: Neurology, Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders, neurodegeneration

  • Steele, Brian

    Associate professor of history

    Areas of expertise: Thomas Jefferson, American intellectual and political history with an emphasis on the American Revolution and early American Republic

  • Stewart, Chere'

    Assistant professor of women’s reproductive health

    Areas of expertise: Women’s reproductive health, general obstetrics and gynecology

  • Townes, Tim

    Professor and chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics

    Areas of expertise: gene expression, gene therapy, sickle cell anemia

  • Turner, Kevin

    Director of the UAB Gospel Choir and music instructor

    Areas of expertise: African-American music and American gospel music, songwriting, history of gospel music, music performance

  • Voltz, Deborah

    Dean, UAB School of Education

    Areas of expertise: Education, urban education, special education

  • Walker, Deborah

    Assistant professor of nursing and nurse practitioner

    Areas of expertise: Oncology nurse practitioner, psychosocial issues in cancer patients

  • Wallace, Stephanie

    Professor of Pediatrics

    Areas of expertise: Childhood obesity, community and family level intervention

  • Warner, Gary

    Nationally renowned cybersleuth and UAB director of research in computer forensics

    Areas of expertise: Cybercrime, cybersleuthing, cyber security

  • Whitley, Richard

    Professor of pediatric infectious diseases

    Areas of expertise: Influenza, vaccines

  • Yates, Stephanie

    Assistant professor of finance

    Areas of expertise: Finance, housing market, mortgage foreclosures, affordable housing

  • Zahariadis, Nikolaos

    Professor of government

    Areas of expertise: Greece, European Union relations

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