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There aren’t many reasons to have an open hysterectomy with today’s robotic surgery options.

Philip H. Lander, M.D., has been appointed professor emeritus in the Department of Radiology
Former soldier and teacher gets new lease on life thanks to state’s first minimally invasive aortic valve replacement, performed at UAB.
Dentistry associate dean chosen to lead international dentistry group.

For kids with permanent teeth, this simple device protects against sports-related dental injuries.

Jablonski will discuss the links between oral health and other health problems.

Childs will serve a two-year term with the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care.

Adrenalin-suppressing beta-blockers may delay need for valve-replacement surgery if used early in a growing cause of heart disease.

Untreated dental issues can affect school performance

UAB Hospital will work towards international "Baby-Friendly" designation.

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