UAB Summer Camps
The University of Alabama at Birmingham hosts several summer camps on campus each year. Presented by UAB departments and groups, the camps offer fun activities for children and easy and convenient choices for parents. Check this page for updates and camps added as they become available.
February 20, 2017

Building Electronic Circuits; May 29-June 2

This hands-on training will teach basics of the electronic circuit assembly. Campers will learn how to solder, use various electronics tools and materials, and soldering techniques. Campers will start soldering copper wires to build artifacts and various geometrical three-dimensional shapes; such as cubes, pyramids, miniature homes, etc. The other half of the course will include functional electronic components and printed circuit boards assembly that students will take home for their use. A complete course material will be provided, and all circuits will be explained. The student will be trained with hands-on examples of how to read schematics and assembly plans, as well as how to build functioning electronics circuits on prefabricated printed circuit boards and test for functionality. For circuit troubleshooting, use of digital multimeter will be introduced. Lunch at the green cafeteria is provided.

Ages: 12-16

Dates: May 29-June 2, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Cost: $175

How to register: Fill out the forms and return them along with a check for the appropriate amount. Registration materials should be mailed to:

Dr. Abidin Yildirim
UAB School of Engineering
HOEN 101
1720 Second Ave. South
Birmingham, AL 35294-4440
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