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The University of Alabama at Birmingham hosts several summer camps on campus each year. Presented by UAB departments and groups, the camps offer fun activities for children and easy and convenient choices for parents. Check this page for updates and camps added as they become available.
February 20, 2017

Embedded Computer Games and Programming; June 19-23

Have you ever wondered what's inside the mobile phone that makes it smart, what makes your computer or another entertainment system work, and how this computer knows to pick good winning strategies in games? Wouldn’t it be cool to program your own game on the electronic embedded board?

If your answer is yes, we welcome you in Embedded Games UAB Camp. You will have four wonderful days learning on embedded systems and programming strategic games. This camp covers basic understanding of embedded computers that are present almost all smart devices and home appliances. Campers will learn basics of IT and develop gaming applications using state-of-the-art programming techniques. It is a fun camp with a lot of new experiences in terms of advanced programming. Lunch at the green cafeteria is provided.

Ages: 12-16

Dates: June 19-23, 8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Cost: $275

How to register: Fill out the forms and return them along with a check for the appropriate amount. Registration materials should be mailed to:

Dr. Abidin Yildirim
UAB School of Engineering
HOEN 101
1720 Second Ave. South
Birmingham, AL 35294-4440
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