Our Statement of Purpose

  • The NGSA serves the graduate nursing students at UAB in order to help promote academic and professional success while fostering a sense of community among the student body.

Our Mission and Objectives

  • To facilitate interaction among School of Nursing Graduate students and with other university and community groups
  • To serve as a liaison between the School of Nursing graduate student body and faculty & the administration of the School of Nursing & UAB
  • To promote the academic and professional success of all graduate nursing students
  • To represent, support, and advocate for graduate nursing students.

Our Membership

  • All students who are actively enrolled in a graduate program of study in the School of Nursing automatically enrolled as members of the NGSA.

Our Structure

The NGSA is completely student lead and run with the aid of faculty and staff advisors. It is composed of an Executive Committee and Senate. The Executive Committee is composed of a President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Senate is composed of thirteen (13) Senators from the MSN, DNP, and PhD programs:

  • Senator for Pediatric NP Tracks
  • Senator for Adult Acute Care NP Tracks
  • Senator for Adult Primary Care NP Tracks
  • Senator for Family NP Tracks
  • Senator for Neonatal NP Tracks
  • Senator for Psychiatric NP Tracks
  • Senator for CNL Track
  • Senator for Nurse Educator Track
  • Senator for Nursing Informatics Track
  • Senator for Health Systems Administration Track
  • Senator for Nurse Anesthesia Track
  • Senator for DNP Programs
  • Senator for PhD Programs.

Constitution and Bylaws