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Tuition, Fees, and Funding Opportunities

Scholarships & Financial Aid
The School of Nursing at UAB has excellent scholarship, traineeship, fellowship and loan programs in which many students participate.

Tuition and Fees

The following tuition and fees are valid for the 2017-2018 academic year. Tuition and fees and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE annually based on approval from the University of Alabama Board of Trustees and/or university. The estimates below are based on the costs listed at the UAB Office of Planning and Analysis Web site (Tuition and Fees). Each student’s costs will vary depending upon state of residence, the number of credits taken in a semester, whether the student attends class live or through distance-accessible class, and several other factors. Fees vary with program or type of student, and certain fees may be waived.

Tuition and Fees - UAB School of Nursing (SON)
Undergraduate SON (in-state, Each semester hour) 409
Undergraduate SON (out-of-state, Each semester hour) 938
University Tuition (per semester)(incorporated into tuition)
Total cost for Tuition = Undergraduate SON tuition cost per semester hour x total number of semester hours for that semester  
Fees - UAB School of Nursing
Undergraduate and Graduate—Online Fee per each online course (per course if the course is designated with a ‘Q’ in the section code, e.g. NUR 601 QL ) 250
Educational Support and Technology Fee (Undergraduate and Pre-Licensure)(per course) 175
Campus Dining Fee (undergraduate only) (flat fee per semester—excluding the summer term—for students taking 12 or more hours) 225
Student Hospitalization Insurance Fee (per month)** 200
Student Dental Fee (per term)** 39
Special Fees Paid (When Applicable)
Graduation Fee 50
Expenses (Estimated)
Uniforms (undergraduate and AMNP students)* 350
Books and supplies (estimate per term) 600
Lab Kit (undergraduate, upon admission)* 225
Electronic handheld device (one-time fee; select programs—BSN, AMNP, MSN)* 350
Room and Board (on campus, per term, cost varies depending on dorm) 2,800
* These must be purchased upon initial enrollment in the School of Nursing and should be planned for in student budgets.
** May be waived with proof of equal or greater coverage that can be documented.