Wooden barriers and walkways on the Plaza

The contractors are working on Plaza asbestos remediation and demolition, and have placed wooden barriers around their work area — creating a walkway to the second floor Plaza entrances to the UAB School of Nursing and LRC. These entrances will remain open during this process. Directional signage around the barriers has been installed to help everyone find the School’s entrance. Also, we are continuing to work with UAB Facilities to assess the placement of the barriers to ensure a safe walkway, and continued access to the SON and LRC entrances off of the Plaza, for all faculty, staff, students and visitors as construction continues. Please bear with us during this process. The plaza repair in the boarded off area will be complete as soon as possible and the boards removed.

Sunday, Jan, 29, 7 a.m. to Noon, Main SON Building Power Shutdown

This coming Sunday, January 29, from 7 a.m. until noon ALL power to the main SON building will be shut down. This is required in order to accommodate the construction crane installation. It is powered by electricity and contractors need to make the electrical tie into our School’s main transformer. No one should be in the Main SON Building during the shutdown. We anticipate the project to be completed Sunday during the allotted time. Should there be any issues with building power beyond the given time Sunday, we will be in contact with faculty, staff and students.

Fencing and Concrete Barriers on University Blvd.

Construction Jan 4 Update 05Because of ongoing safety concerns surrounding pedestrians crossing University Blvd. in the middle of the block while the pedestrian bridge and sidewalk in front of our building are closed for construction, the City of Birmingham has mandated that concrete barriers be placed in the median under the pedestrian bridge and that construction fencing be installed along University Blvd. from 18th Street to 16th Street to prevent pedestrians from crossing University Blvd. anywhere other than the crosswalks at 16th and 18th Streets. As classes begin Monday January 9, we anticipate police assistance directing pedestrians to the appropriate crosswalks. Please observe all measures put into place to ensure your ability to safely cross University Blvd. A printable PDF map has been created that details the current, safest walking routes around the School, parking decks and other buildings to which our faculty, staff and students will be traveling during construction. Click here to see and print the map. It also can be found on the SON intranet. As the project progresses there could be additional pedestrian safety mandates from the city and we will keep you advised should additional measures be necessary.

Plaza Asbestos Abatement

Construction 01 03 Update 5As the plaza demolition has progressed asbestos has been found under the concrete slab. As such, the contractor has engaged a well-qualified asbestos abatement company to perform removal of the substance. In the coming weeks a temporary, movable containment structure will be built on the plaza and appropriately protected workers will be working to safely remove the asbestos from the plaza in covered and sealed sections. The company is planning to remove the asbestos from the plaza at one time so as they move toward the School and LRC entrances on the plaza, temporary walkways will be installed to enable continued access to the School and LRC. No safety issues are anticipated with this removal but we will keep you advised should something arise.

Protecting Unity Park's Trees

Construction Jan 4 Update 01While much of Unity Park has been removed to accommodate materials delivery and other aspects of the School's construction project, the contractors and University are working diligently to protect the heritage trees in the park. Fencing has been extended to provide better protection for the trees and they will be continuously monitored throughout the project to ensure that faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors and other visitors can enjoy them for years to come.

IMG 2624The Office of Student Affairs Has Moved

The Office of Student Affairs, including student advising, has moved behind the main School building next to the first floor LRC entrance off of the back parking lot. Look for directional signs around the School and plaza.

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