Collaborations between the UAB School of Nursing and Chile began in 2003 when Dr. Lynda Wilson served as a Fulbright Scholar and visiting professor at the Pontificia Catholic University of Chile.  One outcome of this collaboration was a study to identify perceptions of Latin American nursing faculty about the research competencies that should be included in different levels of nursing education.  Several publications resulted from these collaborations:

  • Harrison, L. L., Hernandez, A. R., Cianelli, R., Rivera, S., Urrutia, M. (2005). Competencias en investigación para diferentes niveles de formación de enfemeras: Una perspectiva latinoamericana. Ciencia y Enfermería, XI(1), 59-71.

Perspectives of Latin American nursing professors and leaders about research competencies needed by nurses with different levels of academic preparation" International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship

Visiting Nursing Faculty from Chile, January 2006

A number of nurses and nursing students from Chile have participated in the International Nursing Leadership programs held every two years at UAB through the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center for International Nursing Education.  In addition, a BSN student from UAB completed an independent study in Chile working with students and faculty on community health projects.

Below is a photo of Dr. Lynda Wilson with students at the Universidad de Magallanes where she spent most of January 2012.  While there she taught courses on nursing leadership, global health and nursing.  She also worked with the faculty at the university in developing graduate and master's in nursing programs.  The rest of her time in Chile in 2012 was spent visiting the Catholic University in Santiago, the Carlo McKenna Children's Hospital and the University of the Andes.