Dashiff, Carol
NB 426
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PhD Florida State University
MN University of Florida
BSN Florida State University

Dr. Dashiff is a psychiatric-mental health nurse with preparation as a marriage and family therapist who is an active clinician, teacher and researcher. Her expertise centers on the family as a context for promoting the development and health of members, specifically children and adolescents, and adult partners. She studies autonomy support to enhance self-care, particularly in those with chronic illness or who have suffered trauma. She has methodolgic expertise in the quantitative and qualitative design of family studies, observational designs, and interaction analysis. She is currently studying the relationship of parental support for autonomy development to health outcomes among adolescents with Type 1 diabetes as they transition through adolescence.

Research/Clinical Interest
Family influence on self-care of individuals with chronic conditions and the promotion of health. Developmental transitions, i.e. adolescence. Support for autonomy in relationships among parent and child or adult partners. Self-determination theory. Trauma recovery and emotional functioning. Separation anxiety.

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2006 Volunteer of the Year, Southeastern Diabetes Education Services, Birmingham, AL.
1993-1994 Selected for National Institute of Mental Health Technical Assistance and Mentorship for Nurses in Implementation of the National Plan for Research in Child and Adolescent Mental Disorders
1989 Nashville Mental Health Association Research Honoree