Title: CanvasLIVE: (Mobile Series) It's a Kind of MagicMarker!
Calendar: CanvasLive
Date: 10.28.2014 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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(Mobile Series) It's a Kind of MagicMarker! 
Audience: Instructors; Course Designers 
Level: Introductory "One class. Many souls. Outcomes. And goals. One golden glance of what could be. It's a kind of MagicMarker!" This session dives deep into the new mobile app MagicMarker for iPad. Learn how to set it up, use it in your classroom and interpret the resulting data. Register Here: https://help.instructure.com/entries/51696844-Mobile-Series-It-s-a-Kind-of-MagicMarker-10-28-14-