worthington-cargoCreated by longtime Birmingham residents Allan D. and Nancy Cargo Worthington, the Worthington-Cargo Family Endowed Nursing Scholarship pays tribute to Allan and Shirley Worthington and Sam and Nannie Cargo. Reflecting on the difficulties they faced in trying to find proper medical care for their elderly parents, the Worthingtons directed their endowment to support students in the SON Doctor of Nursing Practice who intend to pursue advanced specializations in adult gerontology.

“The help that the Worthington-Cargo and Scokel-Honeycutt families have given the SON shows just how dramatic effect individuals can have on the health care of the entire state. We are incredibly grateful to them for their support for our school and the nursing profession as a whole,” said Doreen Harper, PhD, RN, FAAN, Dean of the UAB School of Nursing.

Mr. Worthington also has become acquainted with the issue of geriatric nursing care through his career in real estate development, having been active in residential projects for senior citizens in Birmingham, Mobile, Atlanta, and Charleston. The family’s bond with nursing has grown strong as well—their daughter, Allison, earned a nursing degree and spent several years as a registered nurse at Children’s Hospital. Mrs. Worthington has given a number of years on the SON’s Board of Visitors, during which she has worked hard to help organize the school’s fundraising events to bring in scholarship dollars for future SON graduates.