Faces of Change

Board Member Profile: Nancy Watts, BSN, RN

Nancy-Watts-profile-resized-for-webAs a new member attending her first BOV meeting earlier this year, Nancy Watts learned the upcoming Applause 2012 fundraiser needed a leading presenting sponsor. Nancy wanted to help: "I went home and said to my husband, 'Ray, nursing needs the support of medicine for this fundraiser.' "Nancy's husband is Dr. Ray L. Watts, renowned neurologist who is now President of UAB.

"Ray didn't hesitate," said Nancy. He took the lead in soliciting and putting together Applause's $25,000 presenting sponsorship – combining donations from himself and Nancy, UAB Medicine, UAB Hospital, UAB Health System, VIVA Health, and UAHSF (the foundation representing group physician practice at The Kirklin Clinic at UAB/ The Kirklin Clinic at Acton Road).


Board Member Profile: Bruce E. Burns, MD

Burns-for-webDr. Bruce E. Burns is a physician – an internal medicine specialist working in the emergency room at Princeton Baptist Medical Center. His wife, Eileen S. Meyer, is a nurse practitioner working in UAB cardiothoracic/vascular surgery.

This husband and wife have a deep and mutual appreciation of one another's contributions to health care. Thus, when Eileen's 40th birthday was coming up last year, Bruce decided to create a surprise gift for her to honor her service as a nurse. He endowed a scholarship in her name at the UAB School of Nursing, where she earned her master's degree and received her nurse practitioner education.

"Was I surprised? Oh yes!" said Eileen, explaining she was both surprised and delighted: "This is such a wonderful thing that Bruce did. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed that he was setting up something like this."


Board Member Profile: Ashelynn Falkenburg

Ashelyn-resized-for-webAshelynn Falkenburg, current Chair of the Junior Board of Visitors (JBOV), came to know a great deal about UAB and the UAB School of Nursing prior to joining the JBOV. She learned about UAB as part of the first class of Leadership UAB – young men and women from various corporate, civic, and volunteer backgrounds chosen to get indepth looks at UAB and its mission. "I thought, 'Wow! This great university here in our own backyard!' " said Ashelynn.

Regarding the UAB School of Nursing, Ashelynn learned from her mother, Karle Falkenburg, Chair of the School's Board of Visitors (BOV) from 2004 to 2006 and a current emeritus member. "Mom told me how important she felt it was to support UAB's nursing school," said Ashelynn. "I realized the differences nurses make, and how all of us need great nurses."