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In memory of BOV member, Joie Jones

Joie Jones2Board of Visitors member Joie Jones passed away late last year. The Board and the School of Nursing greatly appreciate Joie's admiration and support of nursing and nursing education. She will be greatly missed.

Prior to becoming a member of the UAB School of Nursing's Board of Visitors (BOV), Joie Jones had been immersed in health care for years as a medical technologist. She deeply appreciated the roles that nurses play in patient care.

In 2004, Joie was interviewed for this Board Briefs publication. At that time, she was a client-relations manager for Birmingham-based Skin Pathology Associates, a pathologists' practice specializing in dermatopathology (diagnosing of skin diseases, including skin cancers). Her husband, Dr. Robert E. "Bob" Jones, Jr., was a partner in that practice.


UAB SON Opens Barrett Brock MacKay Florence Nightingale Exhibt

Image for webfloFlorence Nightingale left countless gifts to the world of nursing, and some of those treasures are in the possession of UAB’s Reynolds Historical Library—48 letters, a newspaper clipping, and a photograph from her era. Most of the letters were handwritten by Nightingale and several others were dictated and signed by her. The letters date between 1853 and 1893, when Nightingale was between the ages of 33 to 73 (she died at age 90). According to the Florence Nightingale Museum in London, UAB’s Nightingale collection spans periods from which there is little information about Miss Nightingale, making the letters even more significant.


A Gift That Inspires Others

rc201335-D096mitchellFor as long as she can remember, Dottie Mitchell has felt the spirit of giving in her family.

“My parents (Guy and Kacy Mitchell) first taught me about giving in church. Then, through them, I learned the concept of being a good community member, of giving back. It was never presented to my brother, sister, and me that giving back was a burden. It was presented as something you do out of love.”

Dottie has role models for giving that extend beyond her parents to preceding generations – including her maternal grandparents, Glenn and Mallie Ireland, who have long given to community causes.