Elias, Beth

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Assistant Professor

NB 340
1720 2nd Ave. S.
Birmingham, AL 35294-1210

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Other information

Beth Elias is an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama School of Nursing in the Department of Community Health, Outcomes and Systems. Dr. Elias completed her PhD in Instructional Technology at the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia in 2006 with a research focus on User Satisfaction with Healthcare Information Systems. Dr. Elias also received a MS in the Management of Information Technology from the McIntire School of Commerce at UVA in 2001 and a BS in Computer Science from the SUNY Institute of Technology. Her research interests include the adoption and diffusion of information technology in healthcare. Research/Clinical Interest
Dr. Elias’s research interests include the adoption and diffusion of information technology in healthcare, in particular with point-of-care devices.

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