Keltner, Norman

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NB 302
1720 2nd Ave. S.
Birmingham, AL 35294-1210

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EdDUniversity of San Francisco
MSN Fresno State University
BSN Fresno State University

Dr. Keltner grew up in California and started working at Stockton State Hospital near his hometown of Manteca, California. While working there he became interested in a lifelong career in psychiatric nursing. He has been doing it (i.e. working in a hospital, clinic, or teaching psychiatric nursing) ever since.

Research/Clinical Interest
  • Severely mentally ill
  • psychotropic drugs


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2001 President’s award for Excellence in Teaching
1995 Meritorious Service Medal (for Desert Storm activation)
1994 AJN Book of the Year Award
1988 Meritorious Teaching Award CSUB
UASON Senior Recognition speaker 20+ times