McNees, Patrick

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School of Nursing Professor and Associate Dean for Research (SHP)

SHPB 331, 1210
1720 2nd Ave. S.
Birmingham, AL 35294-1210

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Other information

PhD University of Kansas
MA Middle Tennessee State University
BA Florida Technological University
Patrick McNees is a professor in the School of Nursing and the School of Health Professions. He also serves as Associate Dean for Research in the School of Health Professions. Prior to joining UAB, Dr. McNees served as CEO and Chief Scientist for Applied Health Science, Inc. in Orlando and Seattle. He has been responsible for generating over $15 million in research and development funding. He and his projects have received numerous national awards and he is an honorary Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing. At UAB he has a special emphasis on facilitating transdisciplinary collaborative research and expansion of team-science initiatives at UAB. McNees is a senior scientist in several UAB University Wide Research Centers and is a member of the Executive Council for the Center for Clinical and Translational Science.

Research/Clinical Interest
2008 Co-investigator. Economic impact studies of interventions for cancer survivors. National Cancer Institute #1R01CA120638-03S1

2007 Co-Investigator. Rural Breast Cancer Survivors Intervention, NIH, NCI. 1R01CA120638. Principal Investigator, Karen Meneses.

2003-2006 Co-Investigator, Fertility after breast cancer: A web-based program. Susan G. Komen Foundation, BCTR02011530. Principal Investigator, Karen Dow.

2001-2006 Co-investigator & Consultant, Quality of life intervention for breast cancer survivors, NIH, NINR/National Cancer Institute (NCI). 1R01NR5332-04,. Principal Investigator Karen Dow, PhD.

1995-2004 Principal Investigator, Wound and Skin Intelligence System/Solutions for Outcomes, Bristol Myers Squibb.

2001 Co-Investigator, Expanding expert wound care through telemedicine. NIH, NINR, 1R43NR007717-01. Principal Investigator, John Parker.

1998 Principal Investigator, Effects of ifetroban on lower extremity wounds in diabetic patients. Bristol Myers Squibb..

1995 Principal Investigator, Computer detection of at-risk nursing home resident, 1R43NR003960-01, NIH, NINR..

1993-1994 Principal Investigator, Automated pressure sore status tool, 1R43NR003474-01, NINR.

1992-1994 Principal Investigator, Managing urinary incontinence in nursing homes, 2R44AG009739-02, NIH, Co-funded by National Institute on Aging (NIA) & NINR.

1992-1993 Principal Investigator, Nursing home deinstitutionalization outcomes, Providence Health Corp, Seattle, WA.1990-1991 Principal Investigator, Nursing care/ quality control/ incontinence care, 1R43AG009739-01, NIH, NIA.

1991-1992 Principal Investigator, Early detection of at-risk nursing home residents, Alaska Science and Technology Foundation.

1989-1991 Senior Investigator & Consultant, Mental health statistical improvement program for Alaska. NIH, National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH).

1978 Principal Investigator, Deinstitutionalization of psychiatric patients. State of Tennessee, Department of Mental Health.

1977-1978 Principal Investigator, Domestic violence: integrating police and mental health workers. The Luton Foundation.

2008 ONS Publishing Excellence Quality of Life Award. Co-recipient. Transition from treatment to survivorship. Effects of a psychoeducational intervention on quality of life in breast cancer survivors. Oncology Nursing Society. National

2008 D. Jean Wood Nursing Scholarship Award. Co-recipient. Southern Nursing Research Society. Regional

2006 Honorary Fellow, American Academy of Nursing, Miami, Florida. International

2005 Top ranked research abstract, Improving data integrity: Applying novel tools in a longitudinal breast cancer clinical trial. Annual Meeting of the Oncology Nursing Society, Orlando, FL. National

2005 Publication of the Year, Wound healing outcomes using standardized assessment and care in clinical practice. Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nursing Society. Las Vegas, NV. National

1997 Century Circle Charter Honoree, Pioneer Network, Pioneers in Long Term Care. National

1997 Order of Excellence Award (Renovation and Architecture Category), Contemporary Long Term Care, Providence Mount St. Vincent Project, Seattle, Washington National

1997 Excellence in Practice Award, American Association of Home and Services for the Aging for the Providence Mount St. Vincent Project, Seattle, WA National

1997 Innovator of the Year Award, Washington Association of Home and Services for the Aging for Providence Mount St. Vincent Project, Seattle, WA State

1997 Best Practice in Human Services and Aging, The American Society on Aging and the Brookdale Center on Aging for Providence Mount St. Vincent Project, Seattle, WA National

1997 Providence Mount St. Vincent Project. Recognized by U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging as a "Best Practice" facility.

1993 Innovations in Service Delivery Award, American Health Care Association, Innovations in Service Delivery Award, Maple Leaf Health Care Project, Manchester, New Hampshire. National

1992 Order of Excellence Award (service systems), Contemporary Long Term Care, Mary Conrad Project, Anchorage, AK. National

1975 First Place Award, Behavioral Engineering in Business Award Competition National

Publications (past two years)
Vance, D.E., McNees, P & Meneses, K. (2009). Technology, Cognitive Remediation, and Nursing: Directions for Successful Cognitive Aging. Journal of Gerontological Nursing February: 35(2):50-6.

Loerzel VW, McNees P, Powel LL, Su X, Meneses K. Quality of life in older women with early-stage breast cancer in the first year of survivorship. Oncology Nursing Forum. 35(6):924-932.

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Meneses, KD & McNees, P. An Investigation of the Optimal Timing and Specific. Characteristics of Psychoeducational Interventions for Breast Cancer Survivors. (Under editorial review).


McNees, P & Meneses, KD. (2007). Florida Index of Treatment Accessibility (FITA): Quantifying and profiling travel barriers to access care. Proceedings of American Academy of Nursing. Washington, D.C.