Patrician, Patricia A.

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Donna Brown Banton Endowed Professorship and Professor

NB 324
1720 2nd Ave. S.
Birmingham, AL 35294-1210

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PhD University of Pennsylvania
MSN University of Texas
BSN Wilkes University
Dr. Patrician joined the UAB SON faculty in August 2008 after having served 26 years in the US Army Nurse Corps, where she held various staff, administrative, educational, and research positions. Her final position prior to military retirement was Chief, Department of Nursing Science, Academy of Health Sciences, Ft. Sam Houston (San Antonio), TX. She is a graduate of several military educational programs, including the Army War College, where she earned a Masters of Strategic Studies in 2005. She is currently the Donna Brown Banton Endowed Professor in Nursing, Scientist at the Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research and Education, and Scholar at the Lister Hill Center for Health Policy. In addition, she is a Senior Nurse Faculty/Scholar in the Veteran's Administration Quality Scholars (VAQS) fellowship program that focuses on the science of quality improvement, and a national Consultant in the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) program, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Research/Clinical Interest
  • Professional practice environment of staff nurses and its effect on nurse and patient outcomes
  • Nurse staffing and patient outcomes (falls, medication errors, pressure ulcers)
  • Nurse-sensitive indicators of quality
  • Data driven quality improvement
  • Patient safety
  • Nursing administration


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Honors and Awards
2009 Fellow, American Academy of Nursing
2008 Legion of Merit, Army Medical Department Center & School, Ft Sam Houston, TX
2007 Clinical Nursing Excellence Award, Association of Military Surgeons of the US, Salt Lake City, UT
2007 Research Poster Award, Association of Military Surgeons of the United States, 19th Annual Karen Reider Nursing Research Poster Session, Organizational Determinants of Quality Care and Nurse Job Outcomes among Army Medical Department Registered Nurses, Salt Lake City, UT

Other awards and decorations include:

  • 9A Proficiency Designator in nursing research
  • Anita Newcomb McGee (Army Nurse of the Year) Award
  • Four Meritorious Service Medals
  • Five Army Achievement Medals
  • Eastern Nursing Research Society's Outstanding Student Presentation Award
  • Modern Healthcare's Up and Comer's Award
  • Wilkes University Distinguished Alumna Award
  • University of Texas Alumni Scholarship Award