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DSN University of Alabama at Birmingham
MN Emory University
BSN Medical College of Georgia
AA Emory University
Dr. Turner-Henson is a Professor in the UAB School of Nursing and has joint faculty appointments in the Schools of Medicine (Adolescent Medicine) and Public Health (Maternal Child Health). Her research program focuses on youth health, from the perspective of special health care needs (specialty focus on asthma and parental caregiving) and environmental health concerns. Dr Turner-Henson has had extensive experience in interdisciplinary research in community-based settings. She has served as an investigator on multiple interdisciplinary research teams examining asthma in schools (funded by NHLBI), children’s environmental issues (funded by EPA) and as principal investigator of a study examining the effectiveness of a secondhand smoke reduction intervention among Head Start children (funded by CDC). As health consultant (since 1996) to JCCEO Head Start Dr Turner-Henson has worked with this agency in developing and implementing various health promotion interventions for children, families and staff. She serves on multiple state and national committees as an advocate for child health, and for example, serves on the EPA Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee. Reducing health disparities, along with reducing risks associated with chronic disease, for vulnerable youth and families is a key theme in Dr Turner-Henson’s current research.

Along with her faculty colleagues, Drs. Marti Rice and Glenda Smith, Dr Turner-Henson is project director of the Leadership Education in Child-Health Nursing program (LECHN) funded by the Maternal Child Health Bureau, DHHS. The aim of the LECHN program is to prepare the next generation of child-health nurse faculty as leaders in nursing education and biobehavioral research. This program provides leadership training for School of Nursing PhD students, as well as nursing faculty who seek to be retooled in child-health nursing education and research. PhD students who are accepted as long-term LECHN fellows receive tuition support, stipends and intensive faculty mentoring.

Dr Turner-Henson’s previous research focused on the everyday life experiences of children and youth with special health care needs. Growing up chronically ill: A Survey of Chronically Ill Children's Use of Time Out-of-School, funded by NINR (5R23 NR01374, Dr Turner-Henson PI) and MCHB (Dr Bonnie Holaday PI, Dr Turner-Henson CoPI) was a collaborative study that examined out of school time use in youth (ages 10 – 12 yrs) from two diverse geographic areas (Birmingham, AL and San Francisco, CA) that examined use of time out-of-school in chronically ill children. In addition, Dr Turner-Henson has conducted two collaborative international studies (funded by Sigma Theta Tau, Fogarty [research fellowship in Japan] and the American Nurses Foundation) examining health and parenting stress in families with young chronically ill children. Improving the health promoting practices of family caregivers can potentially enhance their own personal health and caregiving capacity, and possibly have a ripple effect on the overall health of the community because of role modeling and advice caregivers provide to family and neighbors.

Research/Clinical Interest
Children and adolescents, asthma, environmental risks, special health care needs, parental caregiving, community based research and clinical practice

Selected Publications
Journal Articles
(*refereed) (+publication with doctoral student)
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Books or Book Chapters (+ publication with doctoral student)
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