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Name Position
Lollar, Jennifer Senior Director of Communications
Lyons, Susan Project Manager II
Madkin, Juaqula Nutritionist
Markle, John Administrative Support Specialist
McCallum, David Audiovisual Spealist
McCartney, Annie Instructor
McGuinness, Teena Interim Chair and Professor
McKie, Peggy Program Manager I
McLain, Rhonda M. Assistant Dean for Undergraduate and Pre-Licensure Programs and Assistant Professor
McLaughlin, Marianne Program Administrator II
McNees, Patrick School of Nursing Professor and Associate Dean for Research (SHP)
McPeters, Steadman Instructor
Meneses, Karen Associate Dean for Research and Professor
Milligan, Gary Mobility Program Coordinator and Instructor
Miltner, Rebecca (Suzie) Assistant Professor
Mitchell, Vincent Facilities Coordinator I
Moneyham, Linda Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor
Moore, Randy Assistant Professor
Morrison, Shannon Assistant Professor
Moss, Jacqueline Chair and Professor