On January 23, 2012, the UAB SNA hosted the first ever NCLEX-A-THON. This unique opportunity provided faculty and students from all semesters the opportunity to test their skills on NCLEX style questions all while having a fun and enjoyable time. The questions were set up like trivia and there were 5 rounds of 10 questions in each round. The students and faculty were encouraged to organize a team and select a team name. The winning team was a team of fifth semester nursing students called the Lethal Dysrhythmias: Even Amiodarone Won't Due beating the faculty team by 2 points. (61 to 59). The students and the faculty had a great time and SNA looks forward to hosting another event.


Congratulations Summer Class of 2011!

On July 29, 2011, the Senior Recognition Pinning Ceremony was held to recognize the August 2011 BSN graduates.  Family and friends joined the School of Nursing students, faculty and staff to recognize and congratulate the students on their achievement as they completed their BSN program. 

Mr. Landon Wadley received the Florence Nightingale Award.  The award, selected by a vote of the entire class, is awarded to the one student that “the class members would most like to care for them in the event of an illness.” 

The BSN Award for Student Excellence, sponsored by the School of Nursing Alumni Chapter, was awarded to Ms. Simone Durand.   This award, nominated by faculty members, is given to the student who brought special recognition to the UAB School of Nursing; has contributed above and beyond the requirements for good standing academically, and has made contributions in the area of community service, school/university service and/or the extra-curricular arena.



Thanks to everyone who participated in the Homecoming Festivities!


SON-WINSThis year's Homecoming theme was "Our Town, Our Team," the SON showed team spirit in a big way - the front of the school was decked in Blazer Pride!  From a 10 ft tall, pomped Vulcan statue to building-sized murals designed by the SON's own Heather de la Piedra - the SON students, faculty, and staff did Homecoming RIGHT!

The SON took first place in the campus-wide Building Decoration Competition and won the 2012 Blazer Pride


Building Decoration

Our School!  Our Students!

The School’s faculty and staff were surprised to find their headshots on the football mural cheering on our football team consisting of the Dean and Associate  Deans…Dr. Harper, Dr. Moneyham,  Dr. Selleck, and Dr. Meneses


 4th semester students served  as cheerleaders leading the SON team to a victory.  A special thanks to all the students, staff, and faculty that participated in the Homecoming festivities.Vulcan-students











Gurney-2Nurses on the Move!

"The CRNA Gas Passers”
represented the School in the Gurney Derby competition.  Congratulations to team members Aaron Ainsworth, Elizabeth Fuller, Jessica Diamond, and Michael McReynolds for placing 5th in the race. 

This year is the first year that the UAB’s CRNA students raced for the SON.  In August 2012, the program moved from the SHP to the SON to link it more closely to other advanced-practice nursing programs and better align its research, practice and education outcomes.  

Thanks to CRNA Student Gurney Racing Team and a special thank you to Todd Hicks for being the "Nurse-on-call" for the Gurney Race.

Burgers on the Plaza

SA-Big-WigsHomecoming 2012 marked the beginning of a new tradtion in the SON and SHP- a joint cookout was held on the recently renovated plaza.  Burgers, beans, and fixin's were enjoyed by faculty and staff from both schools.  Cookout activities included a photo booth and a corn-hole toss.

Student Affairs Administration joined in the festivities - enjoying the food and the new plaza!

Recent transplant from Penn State, Dr. Rita Jablonski joined right in showing her Blazer Pride - serving up tasty vittles and decked out head to toe in Blazer-wear - even Blazer jewelry!

Jablonski PlazaBuffet-2


Using Student Nursing Teamwork To Collect Diapers for Sextuplets

EANS student Jennifer A. Browner (left) and SNA representative Kendall Allen (right) coordinate  diaper drive for sextuplets

Only a few more days remain for School of Nursing students, faculty, and staff to make their donations to a diaper drive for recently born Alabama sextuplets.

In a drive that will end July 31, diapers are being collected for use by Heather and Mitchell Carroll for their five newborn baby girls and one newborn baby boy, who were delivered at Brookwood Medical Center. The Carrolls, who reside in the small south-central Alabama town of Plantersville in Dallas County, welcomed their babies into the world when Heather Carroll gave birth prematurely on June 18, the day before Father’s Day.  Born at 28 weeks gestation, the babies were small but strong, breathing on their own within 12 hours.

Joining forces in conducting the diaper drive for the sextuplets at the UAB School of Nursing are students who participate in the EANS program (Enrichment for Academic Nursing Success) and members of the Student Nurses Association (SNA).  Leading the way in coordinating the project are EANS student Jennifer A. Browner and SNA representative Kendall Allen.

Browner and Allen urge anyone who wants to donate diapers to do so at collection bins that have been set up by the elevators on different floors of the School of Nursing Building.  The drive is focusing on collecting diaper sizes 1 through 5. The goal is to help the Carrolls to build a diaper supply that can be useful beyond the first weeks of the sextuplets’ lives. In addition to diapers, gift cards or money donations also are being accepted.

The idea for this project originated with Browner, a student from the rural town of Ellenwood, Georgia, near Atlanta, who, after earning a degree in biology, now is working toward a baccalaureate in nursing and wants to go into pediatric nursing. The idea for the diaper drive came to her in June, during a time when she was among eight UAB nursing students doing a clinical rotation at Brookwood Medical Center. That student learning experience came during the period that encompassed the birth of the sextuplets. “Each of the eight of us in our UAB group interacted in some way with either the Carroll babies or the Carroll parents,” says Browner. “I had the opportunity to meet the Carroll parents, who are awesome people.” 

Browner emphasizes that, while this was originally her idea, soon the project was wholeheartedly embraced by her fellow nursing students in EANS and SNA. “So, although it started as my idea, soon it was OUR idea,” she says.  She first floated the idea to EANS coordinator Martha A. Dawson, DNP, who in turn discussed it with Summer Langston, DNP, advisor to the Student Nurses Association. Both faculty members felt this was a worthy project and welcomed an opportunity for EANS and SNA to cooperate on a joint effort.   

From her view as a faculty member, Dawson says this project goes far beyond a diaper drive. “To me this is a student project that emphasizes what I call ‘the caring part’ of nursing,” she explains. “We have the art and science of nursing, and we also have that caring part. All of this comes together in a way that I feel ties us back to the days of Florence Nightingale. I think projects such as this demonstrate why the public continues to recognize nursing as a caring profession and continues to hold the nursing profession in such high regard.”

Also, says Dawson, a project such as this shows students what they can accomplish when they combine their efforts as members of organizations that can get things done for worthy goals ranging from advocacy to public policy and beyond.

Faculty member Langston echoes her enthusiasm. She notes that the SNA has ongoing involvement in outreach projects all the way from the local to the international level. “However, this diaper drive projects marks the first time in this School of Nursing that there has been a cooperative project between the SNA and EANS.” That, says, Langston is exciting. “This is inspirational,” she says. “Our students are inspired!”

As SNA representative Kendall Allen has taken a lead on the diaper drive from the SNA perspective, she says to her this project is a great lesson in teamwork. “This is super-exciting, for SNA members to be working with EANS on this diaper drive – all of us working together as a team.  To me this is the kind of teamwork that prepares us for our future roles as nurses who are working on teams.” Allen, who is from the Birmingham area and wants to go into labor and delivery nursing, felt a soft spot in her heart for the diaper drive project from the moment it was mentioned to her.

It was Jennifer Browner who took the diaper drive idea to sextuplet mom Heather Carroll.  “Mrs. Carroll was so grateful and expressed to me her gratitude,” says Browner. “She was not only thankful; she also jokingly asked me, “Do you know any babysitters as well?’ ”

The diaper-donation spirit is alive and well within those coordinating this drive. Faculty member Dawson said that she recently was having a conversation with someone and that all during the conversation she had this diaper drive project on her mind. “I thought to myself, ‘Just as soon as I finish this conversation, I’m on my way to buy some diapers!’ ”

Those coordinating the drive encourage others to do the same – between now and July 31.