Nightingale Letter Exhibit

The UAB School of Nursing and Historical Collections of Lister Hill Library at the University of Alabama at Birmingham's extensive Florence Nightingale Letter Exhibit is now closed. The collection includes 50 letters written by Nightingale, a newspaper clipping, a photograph from the 1800s, and a print of a Florence Nightingale painting.  Most of the letters were handwritten by Nightingale between 1853 and 1893; several others were dictated and signed by her.  According to the Florence Nightingale Museum in London, UAB’s Nightingale collection spans periods from which there is little information about Nightingale, making the letters even more significant.


Wish these treasures could be displayed year-round and provide deeper knowledge and understanding of nursing education to current and future students, the community, and faculty?

You can help us do just that!  The UAB SON has spearheaded a campaign to display reproductions of these treasured letters in an permanent exhibit at the School.  If interested in this Nightingale Letter Project to bring these significant letters of world knowledge and public health to life for our students and faculty, please contact the Office of Development and Alumni Affairs at 205-975-8936. 

You can also view these special letters by visiting the Historical Collections of Lister Hall Library through the UAB Digital Collections.