Beware of Predatory Publishers!

It is important to be wary of the possible pitfalls and perils of publishing in open-source, pay-to-publish journals.  While there are legitimate and highly respected open-source journals it is worth your time to do your homework to assess the credibility of which journal you submit your article to.  Here is a small compilation of resources on this topic.

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BraAlexandrovva! Brava!

Congratulations to Anne Alexandrov, PhD, RN, FAAN for receiving the 2012 UAB Center for Aging (CFA) Faculty Mentor Award at the CFA's Annual Symposium. Earlier this year,Dr. Alexandrov received a 2012 UAB Graduate Dean's Excellence in Mentorship Award in recognition of her exceptional accomplishments as a mentor of graduate students - she was nominated for the award by 5 of her doctoral students.

Master Mentor

Dr. Alexandrov is deeply committed to fostering the professional development of students and emerging clinicians. As a nurse leader, she serves as a role model for faculty and students alike by maintaining standards of excellence as an educator and researcher.  She is consistently generous in sharing her expertise and valuable time with her mentees.  Alexandrov frequently includes her mentees as co-authors and authors in scholarly publications, as presenters at professional conferences, and team members on grants.

Dr. Alexandrov is an Assistant Dean and Professor, Program Director for the NET SMART (Neurovascular Education & Training in Acute Stroke Management & Reperfusion Therapies) Program, Program Coordinator for the DNP Program, and holds a joint appointment to the School of Medicine - Department of Neurology Comprehensive Stroke Center. 

Developing Life Saving Techniques
In addition, she serves as the Program Director of a HRSA to develop and implement the NET SMART – Junior Program. Similar to the NET SMART – AP Program, Junior also targets improvement in tPA treatment rates, is an on-line evidence-based program that aims to educate clinical nurses in the early recognition and diagnosis of stroke. To-date, NET SMART Junior has enrolled over 2500 RNs from across the US - spanning states from as far east as Georgia, to as far west as Hawaii. The Association of Neurovascular Clinicians (ANVC)  has endorsed NET SMART-Advanced Practice and NET SMART Junior as the leading evidence-based programs for acute neurovascular practice in the world. They have built two certification exams using NET SMART programs: NVRN (Neurovascular Registered Nurse) certification and the ANVP (Advanced Neurovascular Practitioner) certification.

International Expert
Dr. Alexandrov publishes frequently and presents at numerous National and International Critcial Care and Stroke conferences. Recenlty, she was named one of the 100 best and brightest professors, assistant professors and instructors who are teaching the next generation of nurses by the blog BSN to MSN Online
Her many honors include induction as a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing in 2004, receipt of the American Stroke Association’s Distinguished Service Award in 2003, and receipt of the American Heart Association’s Stroke Manuscript of the Year Award in 2003.  She is a member of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Neurologic Device Panel (2012-2015), a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Neurovascular Clinicians (ANVC), and certification exam architect for the ANVC acute neurovascular general and advanced practice certification examinations. 

Recently Mentored Student Publications

Wilson, N., Moneyham, L. & Alexandrov, A.W.  (2012).  A systematic review of probiotics as a potential intervention to restore gut health in HIV infection.  Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care. EPub ahead of print: 1-14.

Eagle, S., Creel, A. & Alexandrov, A.W. (2012)  The effect of facilitated peer support sessions on burnout and grief management among health care providers in pediatric intensive care units: a pilot study.  Journal of Palliative medicine. August 21, 2012:EPub ahead of print.

Baxter, J.L., Alexandrov, A.W. (2012) Utility of Cocaine Drug Screens to Predict Safe Delivery of General Anesthesia in Elective Surgery Patients. 2012. American AANA Journal. 80(4):S33-S36.Brethour, M.K., Nyström, K.V., Broughton, S., Kiernam, T.E., Perez A., Handler, D., Swatzell, V., Yang, J.J., Starr, M., Seagraves, K.B., Cudlip, F., Biby, S., Tocco, S., Owens, P., Alexandrov, A.W.  (2012). Controversies in Acute Stroke Treatment. AACN Advanced Critical Care. 23(2):158-174. 

 Dr. Alexandrov can be contacted via email at


Poster Presentations

SON_Poster_HorizontalAs a resource to you - we have 2 large-format posters templates with the SON Branding. You may download these posters and save them to your computer for editing in PowerPoint.

54"x 36" SON Horizontal Poster

35"x 47" SON Vertical Poster

The size specifications of the poster will vary by conference, the sizes above are common sizes. Be sure to carefully read the instructions you should receive upon the acceptance of your posster. 

If you need to change the poster size you can do so in PowerPoint via the Design Tab -->Page Setup-->Custom

Be sure you make the size change BEFORE you put any content on the poster - if you do not you may have to resize all of your content.

Need some more help with your poster? 
Here are 2 CNR produced PowerPoint presentations that you may find useful.


Printing Resources 
Be prepared and plan ahead!  Call your printer well before you need your poster to be sure that they will be able to deliver within your timeframe - Have a Plan B!




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