Lifetime Service Award

The UAB School of Nursing Lifetime Service Award recognizes individuals who have dedicated years of service to the School and its mission.  The recipient must also have demonstrated exceptional volunteer leadership through alumni-related activities and/or fundraising efforts on behalf of the School.  Recipients of this award are selected by the Dean of the UAB School of Nursing and will be recognized at the annual Alumni Night and Awards Ceremony.

The UAB School of Nursing is honored to present the inaugural Lifetime Service Award to Dr. Mildred L. Hamner for her sustained contributions to the School for the past 50 years. 

Dr. Hamner graduated from Druid City Hospital’s diploma nursing school and later earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Alabama School of Nursing in 1960.  Soon Dr. Hamner returned to the School to receive her master’s degree in 1965, with encouragement from Dean Marie L. O’Koren and rose to the rank of full professor after going on further to receive her doctorate in education.  Dr. Hamner was a pioneer for the School of Nursing in many ways, including establishing new curricula for the School in the area of aging, in the up-and-coming field of gerontology. She was also integral in moving and establishing the School of Nursing in Birmingham to be closer to the hospitals.   Dr. Hamner served 29 years and under the School’s first three deans as a faculty member at the School of Nursing before retiring in 1994.

Dr. Hamner’s legacy and contributions extend beyond the many graduates she taught and mentored.  She has actively served on the Nursing Chapter Board of the UAB National Alumni Society for over 17 years, where her role has been valuable and instrumental.  Dr. Hamner has chaired the Nominations and Membership Committee and most importantly, the Scholarship/Awards Committee, where she has passionately served to provide nursing scholarships for our students for over a decade.

Dr. Hamner’s servant heart is admired and respected by all and we at the School feel honored to have her as a part of our rich history and progressive future.  She was recognized for this special award at the 2011 Alumni Night and Awards Ceremony on Friday, October 7th at 6:00 p.m. at the UAB National Alumni Society House.   

Welcome From the President

As one of our graduates or friends, you are part of a rich tradition of nursing excellence. The UAB School of Nursing has more than 14,000 alumni throughout the world, and the impact our alumni community has is astonishing.

You are very important to us, and we want to stay connected with you. We also want to help you stay connected with your fellow nursing alumni and former faculty as well. Consider becoming involved in our alumni community by participating in upcoming events or by joining the Nursing Chapter of the UAB National Alumni Society. We rely on these memberships to help us with student programs, alumni and student awards and events, and other special initiatives.

We are extremely proud of all of our graduates and are grateful for the impressive reputation we have developed.

Stay in touch,
Rocky Caldwell, RN, BSN ('93)
President, Nursing Chapter of the UAB National Alumni Society

Nursing Alumni Chapter 2014-2015 Board Members:
Rocky Caldwell, President
Dr. D’Ann Somerall, President-Elect
Becky Jacobs, Awards and Scholarships Chair
Jeremy Jordan, Student Relations Chair
Pat Cleveland, SON Archivist
Dr. Kala Blakely, Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Cindy Selleck, Board Member
Carol Hornsby, Board Member
Ashley Petty, Board Member

Alumni Board

From left: Cindy Selleck, Becky Jacobs, Carol Hornsby, Ashley Petty,
Jeremy Jordan, Kala Blakely, D'Ann Somerall, and Rocky Caldwell
Not Pictured: Pat Cleveland

What are Class Representatives?

Class Representatives are key leaders in fostering communication between the UAB School of Nursing (UABSON) and its alumni. They create a class connection to help alumni stay informed and connected to their classmates and alma mater.

Class Representatives will enjoy the opportunity to keep in touch with former classmates and provide vital support to the school.

What are the responsibilities of Class Representatives?

  • Serve as a liaison between their classmates and the Office of Alumni Relations.
  • Communicate important news to classmates and encourage them to attend UABSON sponsored events and continuing education opportunities, including class reunions.
  • Due to the importance of alumni financial support to sustain high quality nursing education, class representatives will also support the efforts of the annual giving program.
    • Class Representatives will be asked to lend their signatures for letters to fellow classmates encouraging their support for the Annual Fund campaign and class gifts.
  • Estimated commitment time: 5-10 hours/year.  This job can also be shared by two or more classmates.
  • Volunteer job that be done from anywhere in the country and from the convenience of your own home

What support can I expect as a Class Representative?

As a Class Representative, you will be a member of a core group of alumni leaders and a true "insider" on what's happening at the UABSON. You will receive advanced notice about upcoming UABSON projects, events, and alumni programs and services. The Office of Alumni Relations will provide you with the resources you need to keep in touch with classmates in every way we can, including handling all logistics of class mailings. 


Interested? If so, contact:

Office of Development and Alumni Relations, UAB School of Nursing, NB 218, 1720 2nd Avenue South,

Birmingham, AL 35294-1210

Email: ● Phone: (205) 975-8936 ● Fax: (205) 934-0269 



BSN Class of 1965 celebrating their 45th reunion at the 2010 Alumni Night Dinner.

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