Emergency Fund for Student Success

Following the devastating tornadoes of April 27, 2011, in Alabama, many of our students were in financial emergency. Through the Emergency Fund for Student Success (see information below), nine students were able to continue pursuing their dreams of becoming a nurse.

With your support, more students will be able to pursue their dreams of becoming a nurse. Below is information on the Emergency Fund for Student Success:


I. Description

The Emergency Fund for Student Success is intended to meet the urgent and unforeseen short-term financial needs of students who are not covered by federal loans, scholarships or personal financial means. Depending on the nature of the request for assistance, students may be offered an emergency grant. Grant awards will be considered by a committee who will recommend action to the Dean of the School of Nursing. Depending upon need, grants are usually made in the range of $500 to $1,500.


II. Why Give?

The recent tornado devastation and the downturn in the state’s fiscal environment has resulted in students experiencing additional unanticipated needs related to attendance and retention in the school. The Emergency Fund for Student Excellence provides a resource for short-term funding for students needing financial assistance, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds and first generation students. Without this emergency fund, students who face financial emergencies and dire circumstances might be forced to leave school, ultimately jeopardizing their education and their plans to become a nurse.


III. Community Impact

Due to economic conditions nationwide and in Alabama and the intensity of the nursing program, most pre-licensure students are underemployed or unable to maintain employment.  Students who have benefited from this Emergency Fund for Student Excellence can help increase Alabama’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) prepared workforce. With their degrees, undergraduate and  graduate students will be able to care for themselves and their families and will possess knowledge and competencies necessary to become quality nurse clinicians and nurse leaders.  Emergency assistance given to diverse nursing students can bring a positive community and societal impact for future generations.


For more information, please contact the Development and Alumni Office at (205) 975-8936.

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