Junior Board of Visitors

Established in 2006, The Junior Board of Visitors was created as a vehicle for a young generation of community leaders to make a contribution to nursing and nursing education through support of UAB’s School of Nursing. The Junior Board was set up in the same spirit as, with the aid of, and as an extension of the senior Board of Visitors. Two members of the senior Board of Visitors work closely as liaisons with the JBOV.


UAB School of Nursing
Junior Board of Visitors

Sidney Clapp - Co-Chair
Kate Hamilton - Co-Chair
Natasha Babanats   Whitney Lucas
John Bankhead   Elizabeth McCoin
Jim Beatty   Seth McCoin 
Franklin Bradford   Sarah Peinhardt
Gerry Cabaniss   Laura Picone
Mary Katherine Cabaniss   Webster Ray
Allison Chambliss   Elizabeth Riddle
Anna Cook   Laura Robertson
Jamie Dabal   Thames Schoenvogel
Ginny DeBardeleben   Augusta Shearer
Molly Elliott   Ashelynn Smith
Kelli Fleming   Megan Spain
Tim Hennessy, Jr.     Ken Taylor
 Erin Kattus   Monica Vinoski
 Julia King   Angie Wood 
  Junior Board of Visitors Liaison:     Paula Midyette


Board of Visitors

The UAB School of Nursing Board of Visitors, established in 1992, comprises a diverse group of leaders whose contributions of time, knowledge, and philanthropy serve as a cornerstone to sustaining excellence in undergraduate and graduate nursing education. Board members serve in an advisory role, communicate the School’s messages to the greater Birmingham area, and partner with the School in strategic fundraising activities.

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2016 UAB School of Nursing
Board of Visitors

Barbara O'Neal Eddleman
Douglas Tilt, M.D.
Jane Arendall Nancy Meisler
Becky Babanats Eileen Meyer
John Beard Anne Michaels
Kim Benos Paula Midyette
Carolyn Boone Pam Miller
Lella Bromberg George Perdue
Bruce E. Burns, M.D. Henry Ray Jr.
Zoë Cassimus Donna Reddinger
Joy Deupree, Ph.D. Carol Sandner
Punky Eastwood Kay Scruggs
Juanzetta Flowers, Ph.D. Kate Sexton
Melinda Helveston Wanda Simon
Arlene Henley William Somerall, M.D.
Everett Holle Rita Spencer
Fay Ireland Catherine Styslinger
Donna Jernigan Leah Taylor
Robin Kidd Jack Trigg, Jr, M.D.
Sue Ellen Lucas R. Edward Varner, M.D.
Robert E. Luckie III Celia Wallace
Anita Smith Lunsford Elizabeth Wallace
Barrett MacKay Nancy Watts
Charles McCallum, D.M.D., M.D. Nancy Worthington
Karl Falkenburg Jeanie Sherlock
Rose Lee Lanette Sherrill
Lavona Rushton  
In Remembrance
Elwynn "Chick" Hale, EdD Rita Kimerling
Joy P. Harbert Jarman Lowder
Minnie Gaston Robert E. Luckie, Jr. 
Gloria Goldstein Howton Alma McMahon
Maire Ingalls Bobbie Parsons
Joie Jones Jean Tomlinson
Margaret Kidd