Dr. Lynda Wilson has been working with various projects in Guatemala since 1995. She has led five different study-abroad courses to Guatemala (three while on faculty at UAB, and two while a faculty member at the Capstone College of Nursing in Tuscaloosa). Many of Dr. Wilson's Guatemala projects have been coordinated through the Alabama-Guatemala Partners organization, a partnership within the larger international organization called Partners of the Americas (POA). POA was established by President John Kennedy in the 1960s as a component of his Alliance for Progress program, and was designed to promote people-to-people partnerships between the United States and Latin America/Caribean countries. For more information on POA go to Partners of the Americas. For more information please click on Alabama-Guatemala Partners.

Dr. Wilson has also consulted with faculty in the School of Nursing at San Carlos University in Guatemala City. In addition, a UAB School of Nursing Honors' Student, Alison Hernandez, completed her Honor's project in Guatemala to identify perceptions of Guatemalan nursing faculty about nursing research competencies.  Ms. Hernandez subsequently co-authored a publication with one of the Guatemalan nursing faculty, O. N. M. Padilla. You can link to this article by clicking on the following citation Hernández, Al. R., Padilla, O. N. M., & Harrison, L. L. (2006). Perspectivas Sobre la Investigación en Enfermería en Guatemala. Enfermería Globa, Volume 8 (May).