International Leadership in Health

The world truly is getting smaller.  Each day new technology and innovations in learning are bringing people together virtually.  However, there is a lot to be said for face-to-face learning.  From 2006 to 2012 we had the privilege of training 84 nursing and health care management leaders from eight different nations around the world.  Please click here for an overview of program objectives. Please enjoy the video below prepared by one of our host of volunteers who assisted with the implementation of each program.  This video features the 2010 cohort of leaders.  

2010 International Interprofessional Nursing and Health Care Leadership and Management Program.

This program was first offered in January 2006, in collaboration with the UAB English Language and Culture Institute. A group of 15 nursing faculty representing several different nursing schools in Chile, came to UAB for 1 month to participate in seminars and clinical visits hosted by a variety of UAB faculty, and they also studied English at the English Language and Culture Institute (ELCI). We plan to expand this program and offer it each year or every other year, to nurses throughout the globe. During the one-month leadership program, participants developed an idea for a project that would improve child and family health in their countries, in collaboration with a faculty "coach" (mentor) at UAB. In addition, participants studied English at the ELCI and participated in seminars and clinical site visits. During the year after completing the program, the goal was for participants to continue communication with their coach to implement and evaluate the projects that they developed during the program.

Chilean Nursing Faculty who participated in Leadership Development Program at the UABSON, as speakers for a meeting of STTI, Nu chapter, January 2006

International Nurses and UABSON Students Participating in International Nursing Leadership Institute January 2008

In January, 2008, the program was offered again as an International Nursing Leadership Institute. In 2008, a total of 18 nurses participated in the Institute from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Honduras. A new feature of the program for 2008 was the development of collaborative projects to address family or child health needs in the participants' home countries. Each program participant was paired with a School of Nursing faculty member to begin work on development of these collaborative projects which were implemented in the year following the program. Projects were focused on topics such as childhood nutrition, integrated management of childhood illness, developing education about children's play in pediatric acute care settings, addressing the problem of family violence, care for diabetic patients, and care for the elderly and their caregivers. A second new feature in 2008 was offering a course on "Global Perspectives on Nursing Leadership" that was co-taught by Dr. Lynda Wilson and Lic. Reina Lidylia Grogan, Director of the School of Nursing at the University of Honduras. This course was offered both to the international nurses as well as to UABSON undergraduate and graduate students as an elective course. 

An article featuring our International Nursing Leadership Institute has been posted on the web page of the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health (NIGH). Please click here see the article in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


In 2010 the program was expanded to include 12 nurses from Zambia and 13 nurses from Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras and Peru.  The program was also linked with the Summer Institute on Global Public Health Leadership offered by the Sparkman Center for Global Health.  An article about the 2010 program was published in The Birmingham News

In 2012 we welcomed 26 participants -- 20 from Zambia and 6 from Latin America (Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico).  Once again, the program was incredibly enriching for both the participants and for all the SON faculty who graciously gave of their time and expertise during the workshops and all the extracurricular activities as well.  Pictured below are 2012 Leadership Program participant Milene Marmol (Brazil), Program Coordinator Lisa Theus, Juliana Monteiro (Brazil) and Mildred Garza (Costa Rica).


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