Two undergraduate nursing students from Korea, Si Kyung Song and So Yun Lee visited the UAB School of Nursing as visiting scholars for two weeks from February 4 to 15, 2013. They are from the Yonsei University, Department of Nursing, in Wonju, Korea. Their visit has a dual purpose: expand their knowledge of nursing through attending BSN level classes and obtain an international perspective on nursing practice.

The Department of Nursing at the Yonsei University began offering a scholarship program in 2012 for undergraduate students to gain intercultural communication skills and new cultural perspectives along with an expanded knowledge in nursing. You may remember the two students who came last year, Sun Young Cho and Eu Jin Lee. This year Si Kyung Song and So Yun Lee were selected based on their outstanding academic standing and leadership qualities
In collaboration with a faculty facilitator, Dr. Youngshook Han, the visiting scholars engaged in a wide variety of activities according to their learning objectives and interests. The activities included attending classes, participating in simulation activities, visiting UAB hospitals, shadowing a nurse on a unit, shadowing a nurse practitioner, and attending the UAB Nursing Global Health Interest Group meeting.

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So Yun spoke of her excitement to learn of the UAB School of Nursing's collaborations in other parts of the world, and in particular the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center on International Nursing Education, housed here. She has a desire to be a nurse educator in a developing country one day and what she learned about the work of this Center "will help me as I move towards this goal." Community Health nursing is the area of interest for Si Kyung. She is still unsure of the exact direction her studies will take after she completes her BSN, but her passion is evident when she starts talking about the public health and patient education aspect of nursing. They expressed gratitude for the assistance and love they had received from the SON students, faculty, as well as to the scholarship program for sponsoring their visit.

Dr. Han said, "Visiting scholars from other cultures provide an educational experience for our students and faculty to develop and strengthen their skills in intercultural communications and develop a global view of nursing. They bring new cultural and professional perspectives to the School of Nursing community, as well as help expand the School's understanding of the roles and challenges of the global health nurse."