In an effort to enhance the learning environment of their school of nursing in Turkey, Drs. Tulay Başak and Vesile Ünver are at UAB SON for the 2013 fall semester. The primary purpose of their visit is to learn how our clinical simulation labs work and take this knowledge back with them to their university in Ankara, the Gulhane Military Medical Academy College of Nursing.
Drs. Başak and Ünver are currently completing didactic and practicum studies in clinical simulation. They are also enrolled in the Simulation in Education course offered at the UABSON. In addition to classwork, they spend 20 hours per week in the simulation labs working with and assisting our staff and students while at the same time gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and implement enhanced simulation activities at their university in Turkey.
If you see them around campus, be sure to greet them. It is a pleasure to expand our own knowledge through our interaction with visiting scholars.

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