The UAB School of Nursing's World Health Organization Collaborating Center Scholars took teamwork to a whole new level October 2013.  That week they participated as a team in the annual Chili Cook-off during UAB's Homecoming Week Activities.  The "WHODunnits", as they called themselves, searched the world-wide web for a one-of-a-kind recipe for chili and came out with two awards: Healthiest Chili and Most Creative Recipe.
The chili was made using a recipe from west Africa and was both gluten free and vegan.  It was a curry-heavy, veggie heavy, tasty dish topped with green onions and toasted coconut.  Along with the chili, the scholars put together a poster celebrating dragon motifs from around the world in keeping with UAB Homecoming theme "Unleash the Dragon".  Great job, WHODunnits!
chili cookoff 5
chili cookoff 3
chili cookoff 4