moss_Jacqueline_225Jacqueline Moss, PhD, RN, FAAN, Associate Professor in the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Nursing has been appointed as Chairperson for the Department of Adult/ Acute Health, Chronic Care and Foundations after a national search.  Building on almost 30 years in professional nursing and almost 20 years in academe, her expertise in adult health, nursing informatics, clinical simulation and technology, and her academic leadership will provide a strong foundation for her in this role. Nationally recognized for her cutting edge scholarship and research on simulation, medication error, and web-based learning,  Dr. Moss joined UAB’s nursing faculty in 2002 and has served in multiple leadership roles including Coordinator of the Master’s specialty in Nursing Informatics and the Assistant Dean for Clinical Simulation and Technology.  She is a two time (2007, 2008) award winner of the Harriet H. Werley Award for nursing informatics research from the American Medical Informatics Association and the recipient of numerous national and local awards.  Dr. Moss serves or has served as a board member and/or officer of several professional nursing and health care organizations, such as: the American Medical Informatics Association, the Alliance for Nursing Informatics, and Sigma Theta Tau-Nu chapter.