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The following tuition and fees are valid for the 2016-2017 academic year. Tuition and fees and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE annually based on approval from the University of Alabama Board of Trustees and/or university. The estimates below are based on the costs listed at the UAB Office of Planning and Analysis Web site (Tuition and Fees). Each student’s costs will vary depending upon state of residence, the number of credits taken in a semester, whether the student attends class live or through distance-accessible class, and several other factors. Fees vary with program or type of student, and certain fees may be waived.

Tuition and University Fees- School of Nursing
for Distance Accessible MSN Program


Cost per credit hour
$ 510
University Tuition (per semester) $ 232
Course Fees:
Online Fee per course: $250
Educational Support and Technology Fee per course: $175
$ 425
Total Cost of Tuition and Fees per semester includes:
University Tuition Fee ($232)
+ Total Credit Hours X cost per credit hour ($510)
+ Number of Courses X Online Course Fee ($250)
+ Number of Courses X Educational Support and Technology Fee ($175)

* Tuition and fees are valid for the 2016-2017 academic year, and are subject to change annually with approval from the University and/or the University of Alabama Board of Trustees. Not included are other costs of attendance that may include costs for books, supplies, clinical tools, health insurance, room and board.