Students from Wonju College of Medicine in South Korea visit UAB School of Nursing

Korean Students cropDeuk Kyung Kim and Seung Min-Lee, nursing students from Wonju College of Medicine, at Yonsei University, South Korea, participated in a competitive two-week exchange program at the UAB School of Nursing.  The students worked closely with mentor Dr. Youngshook Han from February 3 until February 14.

They shadowed various classes and clinical settings throughout their two-week stay. Both Min-Lee and Kim stayed on campus with other students.

During their visit, both said they gained valuable insight on American culture and the differences between the health system in America and in South Korea.  When they return to Korea, they will present their experiences to their professors and classmates.

“My favorite part of the trip was touring the mental care clinical settings” said Deuk Kyung Kim, also known as “D.K.” “I want to be a Psychiatric Mental Health nurse.”

Seung Min-Lee, who wants to pursue Maternity and Pediatric Nursing, also had the opportunity to focus on her field during her time at UAB. Dr. Youngshook Han arranged each student’s schedule according to their interests.

Both were impressed with the collaborative nature of the UAB curriculum. Deuk Kyung Kim watched UAB School of Nursing students work alongside students from the School of Medicine and Health Professions in the simulation lab.

“This is a unique and rewarding experience,” said Deuk Kyung Kim. “It is interesting and valuable to hear each different perspective.”

The communication and partnerships present across the UAB campus stood out and impressed Min-Lee and Kim. They said that they do not have the opportunity to work so closely with students in different health professions in Korea.

“Everyone was incredibly welcoming during our visit” said Seung Min-Lee. “We enjoyed our time here and we learned a lot.”

This is the third exchange between the Wonju College of Medicine and the UAB School of Nursing.  Dr. Youngshook Han said she looks forward to continuing this partnership in the future.