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“Professional and consultant services are generally acquired to obtain information, advice, opinions, alternatives, conclusions, recommendations, training, or direct assistance, such as studies, analyses, evaluations, liaison with Government officials, or other forms of representation. Professional and consultant service arrangements meeting the above definition which in total equal to or exceed $2,500, excluding travel reimbursements, must be supported by a formal written contract executed by a UAB official with Board designated signature authority.” UAB Professional & Consulting Policy

Why is a PSF used?

This form is used to determine whether the individual can invoice and be paid through UAB accounts payable for this work or must be hired and paid as a UAB employee. The UAB Tax Department makes the decision and not the SON.

What is the procedure to process a PSF?

  • Access the SON version of the PSF form on the “R” drive under the “School Forms” folder or the SharePoint site on the “School and University Forms” page at https://uabweb.ad.uab.edu/son/information/GeneralForms/Personal%20Services%20Form%205-3-2012.pdf. Please note that UAB Financial Affairs recently developed a new PSF (Personal Services Form). The SON has added an internal signoff which differs from the University form by adding a line for the appropriate grant/contract account number.
  • Complete the form to the best of your ability
  • Acquire a completed and signed W-9 form from the individual providing services
  • Contact the ORS to complete the FFS Agreement for an Individual with Addendum
  • Make an appointment with the HR Generalist to review the PSF
  • HR Generalist then routes the form to the Director of Administration and Fiscal Affairs for approval/signature
  • Director of Administration and Fiscal Affairs will route the PSF back to the HR Generalist
  • HR Generalist will then routes the form to the UAB Tax Department for review/disposition
  • The UAB Tax Department  then notifies HR Generalist if the individual has been approved to be paid through Accounts Payable or if the individual must be hired and paid as a UAB Employee
  • HR Generalist then notifies Program Manager of disposition
  • If approved for payment through Accounts Payable, then the ORS  Program Manager completes the Contract Routing Form and routes for signatures attaching the FFS, Addendum, and signed PSF
  • University Contracts provides reviews, approves, and signs the agreement (if any issues, University Contracts will contact us)
  • After receipt of executed FFS, us the W-9 to lace in oracle as a vendor
  • Complete payment request in Oracle based on the fee schedule and invoice


If you have any questions, contact Heather de la Piedra at heatherd@uab.edu