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They assist in strengthening proposals while insuring that proposals meet internal deadlines. Deadlines are to be strictly followed by the PI/PD to insure the proposal will be submitted.

What Do I Need to Know about Grant Submission Timelines?

  • Grant Submission Timelines are designed to insure that there is adequate time for a proposal to progress through several required steps to insure submission of the proposal
  • These requirements include actions by several individuals and entities internal and external to the School of Nursing
  • Due dates are to be strictly followed; failure to follow proposal submission timelines will prevent proposal submission
  • The PI/PD is required to sign-off on the Grant Submission Timeline to indicate that they will meet the required deadlines and provide the sponsor's summary review as soon as it is received
  • It is the PI/PD's responsibility to insure that they meet all of the deadlines on the Grant Submission Timeline

Where Can I Find the Grant Submission Timelines?
The timelines are either available on the ORS SharePoint Site or are specifically developed based upon your proposal depending upon the type of timeline. The two types are listed below:

Standard Due Date Timelines
Timelines that are developed up to a year in advance for NIH proposals that follow Standard Due Dates.

  • If you are uncertain if the NIH proposal you are considering has a Standard Due Date, the FOA will indicate whether Standard Due Dates apply
  • These timelines are available on the ORS SharePoint Site (On the "Research and Scholarship" home page, choose the Timelines tab. Here you will find a list of common standard due date timelines provided for the PI's convenience.)
  • If you are considering applying for one of these awards, consult the ORS SharePoint Site early in the process to see what steps need to be taken to begin the process
  • Consulting these timelines will also assist in determining which cycle in which you should apply
  • Please note there may be slight modifications to these due to availability of some reviewers as not all information is available one year in advance. You will be notified of these variations early in the proposal process

Non-Standard Due Date Timelines
Timelines that are specifically developed for all other proposals that do not fall on Standard Due Dates.

  • These timelines include any HRSA, foundation, other non-NIH awards, and NIH awards not falling on Standard Due Dates
  • These timelines are created whenever the NOI submitted by the PI/PD has completed the approval process
  • These timelines are specifically created for a given proposal based upon institutional deadlines and reviewer availability
  • The PI/PD must submit the NOI as soon as possible to insure they have time to complete all of the steps required by the timeline
  • ORS staff will provide the Non-Standard Due Date Timeline to the PI/PD during the first ORS Planning Meeting