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The NOI is required prior to submission of a proposal from the SON as the PI/PD or to serve as a project member on a grant external to UAB. The NOIs on the Research and Scholarship SharePoint Site have recently been updated to include instructions regarding the steps that must be completed prior to submission of a NOI along with detailed instructions on how to complete the NOI. The following steps summarize the general steps that are required to complete the NOI. However, please note that some of the NOIs such as the NOI for SON PhD Research and NOI for UAB SON Hospital Researchers have additional steps that must be completed. Please make sure to read the NOI carefully and follow the required steps.
Steps to be taken prior to submission of the NOI

1. The PI/PD must obtain a copy of the RFP or FOA and read it carefully to determine eligibility to serve as PI/PD on the program.

2. The PI/PD must meet with their Department Chair to discuss the proposed project and obtain preliminary approval.

3. The PI/PD must contact the Program Officer to discuss the proposal. During this conversation, the PI/PD should seek clarification regarding any eligibility issues to insure the project is eligible for funding.

4. The PI/PD must develop their specific aims and meet with the appropriate Associate Dean to obtain approval of their specific aims.

5. The PI/PD should begin to write and re-write drafts of the proposal.

6. The PI/PD should assemble a team and obtain willingness for those individuals to serve on the project.

*Please note that while the steps above a required, the NOI still must be submitted far enough in advance to insure completion of proposal preparation services in order for the proposal to be submitted.

Steps to be taken to submit the NOI

1. The PI/PD must go to the Research & Scholarship SharePoint Site and choose the appropriate NOI based upon the project and their appointment.

3. The PI/PD must complete all of the information on the NOI in its entirety.

4. The PI/PD prints out a copy of the NOI.

5. The PI/PD must obtain the signature of their Department Chair. If more than one faculty is listed from different departments, both chairs must sign off on the NOI.

6. The PI/PD must obtain the signature of the appropriate Associate Dean.

7. Only after the PI/PD has obtained the Department Chair and appropriate Associate Dean’s signature, the PI/PD forwards it to the individual indicated on the NOI to route for the remaining signatures. If the PI/PD has not obtained the necessary signatures, the NOI may be returned to the PI/PD to obtain those signatures prior to being routed for the remaining signatures. This could delay the proposal process.

8. The NOI is then routed for the remaining signatures.

9. A signed NOI will be sent to the PI/PD via email.

Please note that the NOI is not complete until all of the signatures have been obtained. Also, the ORS cannot provide any proposal services until all of the signatures have been obtained on the NOI.

 Please refer to the previously published Fast Fact titled “What is the difference between the Notice of Participant (NOP) and Notice of Intent (NOI)?” for more information about NOIs and NOPs.