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Is there an "easy" way to find research funding here at UAB?
If you haven’t used UAB’s Integrated Research Administration Portal (IRAP), the answer is yes. Along with the implementation of IRAP, UAB faculty gained access to both SPIN and SMARTS. These are both powerful tools to assist faculty in identify funding opportunities.

What is SPIN?

InfoEd, the developer of IRAP, identifies SPIN as the “Word’s #1 Funding Opportunities Database”. By logging into IRAP and clicking on the “funding opportunities” link at the top of the screen, you are able to search “over 40,000 opportunities from more than 10,000 global sponsors”. You are able to search by deadlines, funding levels, key words, award types, restrictions, types of grants, and several other criteria. The interface is very user friendly, and the results produce a synopsis of key information to help the PI/PD easily determine how applicable each result is to their area of research.

What is SMARTS?

Even better, IRAP includes another feature known as SMARTS. SMARTS allows you to go in and specify certain key words and criteria for funding that you are interested in. SMARTS will then send an email when it identifies any current funding opportunities and any future funding opportunities, as they become available, that matches those criteria. So, if there is a specific area of research you are interested in, this is an easy way to obtain current and relevant opportunities tailored to your interests in your inbox. You will also have access to the same synopsis and information that is provided through SPIN by simply clicking a link.

How do I get started?

SMARTS and SPIN are very powerful tools for researchers to identify extramural funding opportunities from a wide variety of sources. For additional information regarding SPIN and SMARTS, please visit the UAB IRAP Project website (http://www.uab.edu/era/Pages/Home.aspx) and click on IRAP Training Pages link to see detailed instructions and tip sheets for using SPIN, SMARTS, and other IRAP features.