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PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing About the Program

The PhD in Nursing at UAB is designed to prepare nurses as researchers, scholars, and leaders who will make a substantive contribution to the science of nursing.  The program builds on preparation at either the master's or baccalaureate level. 

June2014 PhD Jablonski Mentees

Heaton-posterIn line with the AACN report "The Research-Focused Doctoral Program in Nursing: Pathways to Excellence", the PhD Nursing program is designed to be a research intensive experience.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend full time and to collaborate with funded SON faculty

It is through immersion in a research project that PhD students learn the multitude of skills and techniques required for the successful completion of a dissertation.  In addition, UAB is notable for a wide variety of interdisciplinary research centers and collaborations including the CCTS and the Comprehensive Cancer Center, who welcome participation from School of Nursing doctoral students.

Graduates of the PhD program are prepared to continue the trajectory towards becoming independently funded investigators whose work will ultimately improve healthcare outcomes for all patients.

PhD Fact Sheet*

Want to know more? Contact Jennifer Frank, PhD at or 205-975-9423

*“Although the UAB School of Nursing PhD Program is a distance-accessible program, in-person visits are required periodically for orientations, summer intensives, qualifying exams, comprehensive exams, dissertation committee meetings, and research practicums.  These visits are a necessary component of the research immersion experience and will be scheduled months in advance with the entire program or on an individual basis when it requires work with an individual student and her/his committee (i.e., dissertation committee work).” 
For all PhD students admitted Fall 2014 and thereafter,  all regularly scheduled class sessions (e.g., synchronous and asynchronous on-line class sessions, on-campus class sessions) will be held on Thursdays (8AM to 6PM, Central Time Zone) for all semesters.

Pre & Post Docs

Pre & Post Doctoral Opportunities & Highlights

Getting to know Post-Docs J. Nicholas Dionne-Odom, PhD, RN, MA

OdomNick Odom is currently involved in several funded research studies. He is a nurse research interventionist for a National Palliative Care Research Center exploratory grant, a 2 year, 2-site (UAB/Birmingham, AL & Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Hanover, NH) single arm pilot study of the ENABLE CHF PC (Educate Nurture Advise Before Life Ends Comprehensive Heartcare for Patients and Caregivers) intervention with 50 HF patient/caregiver dyads. He is also a core team nurse coach consultant for an American Cancer Society implementation science grant that uses Glasgow’s Evidence Integration Triangle (EIT) to bring an evidence-based palliative care model (ENABLE) to four high-risk ethnically diverse rural communities: Birmingham, AL, Grand Rapids, MI, Spartanburg, SC, and Bangor, ME.
Odom dissertation research was funded by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and Sigma Theta Tau where, using a qualitative case study design augmented with a cognitive task analysis interviewing and data analysis approach, the aim is to describe, and develop a theoretical model of the psychological processes of surrogate decision-making for incapacitated adults at end of life in the intensive care unit. 

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Pre and Post Doc Opportunities

UAB-Grad-School There are many opportunities offered by the Graduate School for students to enhance their professional and work skills beyond their specialty with an eye toward presenting, publishing, teaching, and working on inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural teams.  


CPCTPUAB Cancer Prevention and Control Training Program (CPCTP) trains interdisciplinary cancer prevention & control researchers. This is done by an interdisciplinary team that recruits, supports, and mentors qualified pre- and postdoctoral trainees.



Postdocs rank UAB first among public universities nationwide in “Best Places to Work for Postdocs”, according to the 2012 Postdocs Rankings newly published by The Scientist.


OPEThe UAB Office of Postdoctoral Education (OPE) was established in 1999 and was one of the first Postdoctoral offices in the country. Since its inception, the OPE has been instrumental in establishing and maintaining competitive terms, benefits and training programs for all postdoctoral fellows. The goal of the OPE is to provide postdoctoral fellows with the opportunities and skills they need to be successful in their chosen careers.


Health Services & Outcomes Research Training Program (a collaboration between the UAB Center for Outcomes and Effectiveness Research and Education and the UAB Lister Hill Center for Health Policy). The overall goal of the program is to prepare independent investigators to pursue health services research careers focused on translating research evidence into practice. The Fellowship is available for PhD prepared Nurses. For more information contact  Ryan Outman at


VA National Quality Scholars Fellowship Program (VAQS) for nurse applicants must who have been accepted into a DNP, PhD or postdoctoral training program and have a desire to learn how to do, lead, or study health care improvement. For more information contact Patricia Patrician, PhD, RN, FAAN at


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Faculty Research Interests

Azuero 108 151

Andres Azuero, PhD, MBA

Associate Professor

Center for Nursing Research, Room 1019G
Res Port Bakitas

Marie A. Bakitas, DNSc, NP-C, FAAN

Professor, Marie O’Koren Endowed Chair

Center for Nursing Research, Room 2M024

Bowen 108 151Pamela Bowen, PhD, CRNP, FNP-BC

Assistant Professor

Nursing Building, Room 416

Gwendolyn Childs PhD, RN

Assistant Professor

Nursing Building, Room 444

June Cho, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor

Center for Nursing Research, Room 1019D

Enah-150-x-210Comfort Enah, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor

Nursing Building, Room 344

Gakumo-150-x210C. Ann Gakumo, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor

Nursing Building, Room 548

Ivankova-108-151Nataliya Ivankova, PhD, MA

Associate Professor

Nursing Building, 1007


Rita Jablonski, PhD, CRNP, FAAN

Associate Professor

Nursing Building, Room 520


Mirjam- Collette Kempf, PhD

Associate Professor

Center for Nursing Research, Room 1019A

Lee-108-151Loretta Lee, PhD, RN, FNP-BC

Assistant Professor

Nursing Building, Room 542

Meneses-150x-210Karen Meneses, PhD, RN, FAAN

Professor, Associate Dean for Research

Center for Nursing Research, Room 1013

Moneyham-108-151Linda Moneyham, PhD, RN, FAAN

Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Nuring Building, Room 202D

Patrician-108-151Patricia Patrician, PhD, RN, FAAN

Professor, Donna Brown Banton Endowed Professor

Nursing Building, Room 324

Vance-150-x-210David Vance, PhD, MGS

Associate Professor

Center for Nursing Research, Room GM026

Wilson-108-151Lynda Wilson, PhD, RN, FAAN

Assistant Dean and Professor

Nursing Building, Room 420

News & Highlights

PhD Students Present at Recent Conferences

Recent PhD Grads - Dissertation Abstracts








Azita Amiria, PhD   Debra Baldwin, PhD   Dawn Aycock, PhD   Linda Gibson, PhD  
Lucinda Graven, PhD   Donna Dunn, PhD   Pam Bowen, PhD   Alethea Hill, PhD  
Loretta Jones, PhD   Vanessa Gaioso, PhD   Mary K. Brethour, PhD   Caralise Hunt, PhD  
    Candace Knight, PhD   Christine Feeley, PhD   Cynthia Joiner, PhD  
    Luz Huntington-Moskos, PhD   Thuy Lam, PhD   Jennifer McLeod, PhD  
    Yeow Chye Ng, PhD   Loretta Lee, PhD   Bettina Riley, PhD  
    Dianne Richmond, PhD   Tonya Moore, PhD   Larry Slater, PhD  
    Tracy Shamburger, PhD   Cathy Roche, PhD   Heather Sobko, PhD  
         Patsy Spratling, PhD   Elizabeth Wright, PhD  

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School of Nursing PhD Forms

Publication Update Form  

Have you had any recent publications?  Fill this form out to keep us updated.

Presentation Update Form  

Have you had any recent presentations?  Fill this form out to keep us updated.

Program of Study for Students who entered the program from the fall of 2014 and beyond

The POS outlines the basic classes required for students who have entered from the fall of 2014 and beyond.

Program of Study for Students who entered the program between 2007-2013

The POS outlines the basic classes required for students who have entered prior to 2014.   Students using this POS (2007-2013) are encouraged tFormso complete their remaining class ASAP while they are still offered.  If these required classes are not completed within the old curriculum, then student will need to take equivalent classes in the new curriculum to satisfy their requirements. 

Independent Study (NUR 790Q)

An Independent Study course allows students to explore and focus on a selected topic or skill relevant to their program of study and research focus that cannot be accomplished as part of required courses in the program of study

Application for Change of Advisor for PhD Students

This application must be signed by the student and the Program Director.  Students must discuss the proposed change with the current and proposed advisors prior to submitting this form.

Doctoral (PHD) Comprehensive Examination

This form must be signed by the Committee Chair and the Program Director to indicate that the comprehensive examination has been passed.

Graduate Committee Meeting Room Request Form

This form is used to schedule committee meetings as well as the final defense.  This form must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to your requested meeting date. You must receive official notification from the Graduate School that your committee has been appointed before you submit this form.

Guidelines for Doctoral Level Research Practicum NUR 798 

This form is a contract to concentrate on research in a selected area (1-9 credits), and must be signed by the student and the sponsoring faculty member

PhD Student Protocol Oversight Review Form

Must be completed prior to submitting the dissertation project to the IRB 

PhD Individual Development Plan


Graduate School Forms

  • Admission to Candidacy  - This form must be completed in order to register for dissertation hours. Signatures from of all committee members and Program Director are required. You must attach your IRB approval to this form and return to the graduate school.
  • Application for Degree -The application must be signed by your committee Chair and the Program Director. A copy of this application must be received in the Graduate Student Records Office by the deadline date listed on their website
  • Dissertation Approval Form -This form must be requested from the graduate school at least 3 weeks prior to your defense. You are required to bring the form to your defense to obtain the required signatures from your committee members
  • Change of Committee Form - This form must be completed so that the graduate school knows who your committee members are.  This is particularly important to keep current in case you need to change your committee members or chair.  Please complete it and return to the PhD Director
  • Graduate Study Committee Recommendation Form
    This is the form within the Graduate School that must be completed to declare your committee members for your dissertation.  Please consult with your chair in selecting these committees.
    If a faculty member is not listed on this UAB Graduate School website, Graduate Faculty status must be obtained prior to that person being listed on this Graduate Study Committee recommendation form.

Want to know more?
Contact Jennifer Frank, PhD at or 205-975-9423


Scholarly Resources

Example of the PhD 3 Article Format

Working with your chair in determining whether the 3 Articles for Publication Dissertation Option is right for you, it is generally a good idea to see an example or two of how this is done well. 
Since writing for publication is more challenging than writing a dissertation, the 3 Article Option is reserved for those students who already have shown skill in publishing first-authored articles in peer-reviewed journals. Click here for an example.

Poster Templates

SON Poster Horizontal


Printing Options

There are many options for printing your poster, listed below are a few resources that our faculty and students have used in the past.  Remember to always plan ahead and check with any printing service to be sure that they will be able to meet your timelines and budget.


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