Cassandra Krumplemann

KrumplemannGetting to Know Cassandra Krumplemann

Tell us about your background

My background in health care spans 20 years with experience in health policy and as a family practice Nurse Practitioner. I am the sole proprietor of my own family practice clinic I utilize technology to reach marginalized populations. I am also an adjunct professor at one of our local universities in Seattle. I choose to pursue a PhD so that I could marry my two passions of teaching and research into one career.

Tell us about your research

Under the guidance and direction of my mentor, Karen Meneses, PhD, RN, FAAN, I am working on a secondary analysis of an existing data set which utilized an educational intervention for breast cancer survivors. We are investigating economic toxicity and burden that elderly breast cancer survivors experience and how that impacts and translates to their quality of life.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

In my future, I see myself in an academic institution teaching while conducting research, advising, and mentoring. I will work towards becoming a national leader in research in the areas of elderly breast cancer survival and quality of life for these patients. I am also interested in discovering unknown barriers to primary care and creating interventions to reduce those barriers. I am a lifelong teacher who comes from a family of teachers and I believe that passion and sense of service will allow me to share my given gifts with my community.

What advice would you give to a student who was considering pursuing a PhD in Nursing?

Create your support groups, establish rapport with students, ask a lot of questions, and seek your resources. The successful student organizes, plans, and puts a time aside for synthesizing. Doctoral school is a pedagogical journey as well as a journey about oneself. We never stop learning about ourselves.

Gladys Farmer Colvin Memorial Scholarship - Established with funds from the family of Gladys Farmer Colvin, who was a nurse for many years at the Jefferson County Department of Public Health. The criteria to apply is; admission to or current full-time enrollment in the PhD program in the University of Alabama School of Nursing at UAB and qualifying GPA.